Love Yourself In Lingerie

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Love Yourself in Lingerie

New Season Nightwear

No matter what the time of year, you can always find an excuse to buy new nightwear. Your nightwear should be something you look forward to putting on at the end of a long day; comfortable, stylish, and almost as if it was made just for you! So whether you need a new style for the new season, or you … Continue reading

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The Nation’s Nightwear

Here at Camille, we specialise in nightwear that guarantees you a blissful night’s sleep. When it comes to nightwear, we all have particular preferences – whether it be the style, the material, how often we buy or who we’d be happy to buy it for. We want to make sure that our selection of Nightwear has the right options for … Continue reading

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The Nation's Nightwear

Back to School Bra Fitting Basics

  You’d be surprised how many women are walking around right now with an incorrectly fitting bra. The wrong fit doesn’t have to be obvious, sometimes subtle problems such as having it on the wrong setting or having a slightly gaping cup size can cause discomfort and an unflattering shape underneath clothing. We don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Bra Fitting Guide

Swish Swimwear With Camille

  Summer is here! Whether you’re planning a holiday abroad this year or you’re just looking to have a relax on one of our very own British beaches, we’ve got the right swim and beachwear for you right here at Camille. Choosing swimwear can be a difficult task with so many different types and styles to choose from, so we … Continue reading

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Select Your Swimwear With Camille

Here at Camille we aim to give you the very best selection of swimwear available, but there’s a few essential items you have to pack in your suitcase! Take a look at our swimwear guide to find out more… Browse our Swimwear Collection to make your summer holiday purchase!    

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Mastectomy Recovery: Time to Talk

Here at Camille, we want to make sure that each woman has a selection of beautiful and comfortable underwear available to them, and this includes women recovering from a mastectomy to tackle breast cancer. Cancer Research UK work tirelessly to save thousands of lives affected by breast cancer, yet their life-saving donations rely on donations. That’s why throughout May, for … Continue reading

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Keep It Brief

Here at Camille, we’re really proud to stock a wide range of ladies underwear from supportive women’s pants to sleek and sexy knickers and lingerie. Our full collection of underwear for women includes a huge variety of different styles, patterns and colours to ensure that every Camille woman is catered for and confident in every layer of their outfit. We’re … Continue reading

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Camille Keep It Brief

What Your Lingerie Says About You

The lingerie that you choose can say just as much about you as your regular wardrobe does! Here at Camille, we are passionate about providing you with lingerie that fills you with  confidence and reflects your unique personality! We’ve put together a quick guide about what your bras and briefs say about your personality…   The Comfort Girl | As … Continue reading

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Embroidered Briefs

Shopping for Her First Bra

Choosing the right bra for your growing daughter can be an exciting time, but is often filled with questions and conflicting advice about the best types of starter bra. Here at Camille, we like to give you the best advice possible in simple terms so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Her first bra is … Continue reading

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