What do Men like in Lingerie?

As Valentine’s Day has been and gone, we wonder, how many of you received some ‘sexy’ lingerie that you weren’t particularly pleased with? Statistics from previous years show that over £100m worth of lingerie gifts remain unworn in the back of our bedroom drawers. Whilst we are all for keeping partners happy, it appears that many of them can’t quite grasp our likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing the perfect sexy lingerie for us to wear.

Take a look at some of our top tips for choosing the perfect womens lingerie for in the bedroom. Trying to find lingerie that makes you feel confident and comfortable can be tricky when you are trying to impress at the same time. With these helpful ideas, you will be able to find a middle ground that is certain to heat things up in your relationship.


Whilst some men don’t mind a bit of unmatched underwear, most will agree that underwear has to be matching as it shows you have made an effort. Not only this, matching lingerie will also help boost you confidence and make you feel sexy both with and without clothes.

Fits Well

In order to make the most out of your assets, you need to make sure that your lingerie fits well. Once you have determined your lingerie size, you will be able to take your pick of many different styles of bras in a variety of shades to complement your skin tone. Push up bras are perfect if you want to give your breasts an extra boost.


No man likes a complicated bra so it’s time to keep it simple. Whilst he fiddles around figuring out how to undo your bra, the mood is quickly fading. However, if you do want to wear a multi-way bra or another complicated bra, undress yourself as your man will find that just as sexy.

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