When should I start wearing Shapewear?

Whilst shapewear is often associated with older women trying to shape and smooth out their physique, body shaping underwear is actually worn by women of all ages. Although this type of lingerie seems to be more popular amongst new mums and body conscious women, this range of figure enhancing lingerie is becoming increasingly popular amongst the younger generation such as teens and women in their 20’s. As many women are conscious of their bodies, it just seems natural to consider purchasing some body controlling underwear that will help you to create the silhouette you have longed for.

Shapewear is not only worn to disguise your lumps and bumps, it is also worn to banish visible panty lines in order to create a seamless look. If you are attending a special event and have chosen a dress that really shows off your figure, you may want to avoid any VPL mishaps by wearing a pair of body control briefs.

Although there are so many advantages to wearing body shaping underwear, this style of lingerie has been given a bad name over the years for its unattractive design. Whilst shaping underwear looks fantastic beneath your clothes, it can be another story when you take your clothes off for your man in an attempt to be sexy. To be frank – very few men will find traditional pieces of shapewear a turn on. However, that is all about to change!

Here at Camille Lingerie we have just launched a brand new range of stylish shapewear underwear to help our customers feel sexy and confident with and without wearing clothes. When it came down to the design of this new collection, we just knew that the design needed a little work in order to be more appealing to the eye. Think lace, thongs and mesh panels – shapewear has just got sexy!  We think that every woman deserves to achieve a faultless figure no matter how old she is or what size she wears which is why we stock a generous selection of sizes ranging from size 10 to 24.

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