The Invention of the Bra Dryer

So we recently came across an article about the latest innovation in womens lingerie, that being the ‘Ricasol Bra Dryer 2.0’. With such a high tech name we thought it would be a complex piece of technology that we would be better off leaving well alone. However, after reading up about the new gadget, it has a number of benefits that could improve the life and quality of your bras.

As women, we understand that drying bras is not as easy as you would first think; in fact it can be pretty time consuming. Do you wait for hours from them to air dry outside? Or do you place them in the dryer and risk ruining your favourite delicates?


With the bra dryer you can dry a bra in 20-30 minutes by placing the device onto a flat surface and fitting your bra to it. The breast-shaped tool uses an infrared light to warm up the fabric to the temperature of the average human body which helps to maintain the shape. If your underwear has delicate features such as underwired bras with beads, lace or silk, then the dryer will be able to gently air out your undergarments in less than 30 minutes.

However there are a few cons that accompany this bespoke piece of technology including the alarmingly high price of around £100 – £130. Also, the device only dries one bra at a time and could be a problem when is comes to finding a place to store it when not in use.

Will you be trying out this new innovative device?  Or is it just another gadget that will soon lose its novelty?

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