Quality Imitations of the Sloggi Briefs and Genie Bra

When shopping for something new, most of you will probably jump on the band wagon by opting for the most known brand. However, although the brand is well known through their extreme use of advertising, it doesn’t mean they produce the best products out there. We are lingerie specialists so we make sure our lingerie pieces meet our high quality standards time and time again.

Many of you have probably tried or at least heard of the Genie Bra – the bra that supposedly banishes bulges, spillages and bra lines for a smooth shape. Here at Camille we have our own imitation of the Genie Bra which we think offers better quality, support and value for your money! Made from a super soft, seam-free fabric for ultimate all day comfort, our seam-free shapewear control bra is comfortable enough to sleep in. Purchase one of our Genie Bra imitations for just £9.99! Available in beige and black size range 12-20.

We also offer an imitation of the famous Sloggi briefs which are also available at a much more affordable price. Our Sloggi imitation briefs are made using soft threads and elastics to provide long lasting wear, comfort and a perfect fit. We have both midi and maxi briefs available in sizes 10 – 22. Choose from the classic shades on white, beige or black. Buy a three pack of our bestselling briefs for just £8.99!


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