Bra Myth Busters

Over the years we have heard plenty of myths which have made the line between fact and fiction a little hazy. Here we have gathered some of the most popular myths in the lingerie industry and busted them to help give you a better insight when it comes to choosing your next set of lingerie.

Myth One – The lightest bra is the least visible

Many would assume that the lightest coloured bra would be the least visible beneath your most translucent top, however sometimes wearing a bright white bra beneath your white, lucid blouse could be as equally noticeable as a brightly coloured bra. Instead of opting for white, choose a nude shade that matches your skin tone the best, this will give you a flusher finish, helping you to achieve a more sophisticated look.

Myth Two – The cups do most of the supporting

Another myth is that the cups of a bra provide your breasts with the majority of support; however, it is actually the back band that offers your breasts the most support. With this in mind, you want to find a bra that hugs your body and stays in place when you move around as this will give you the best support and uplift. Whilst many women complain about their bras giving them a ‘bulging back’ it is common to have a little bit of overspill to ensure your bra is providing you with the best support.

Myth Three – Wearing a bra to bed causes breast cancer

There are many myths associated with wearing a bra to bed at night and contributing to the risk of breast cancer is one of them. Since two medical anthropologists claimed that bra somehow trap toxins in the breast tissue to lead to cancer during the mid 90s, the myth has been circulating for a while now. However, there is no reliable research to back the idea.

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