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Which Body Ideal do you Fit into?

The body of a woman has always been a stringent debate ever since we can remember and now more than ever both men and women are obsessing over body ideals which are evidently making a serious impact on our health.

Following a recent survey amongst women to determine the most dominant ‘ideal figure’ from a decade ago and now, there is a mixed bag of opinions but the majority swayed more towards an eye-opening choice.

Nowadays women toy between 4 shapes which are all pretty dissimilar. Below we have matched the 4 shapes up with celebrities who are famous for their figures. Which one is your body ideal?


A decade ago, one in eight women aspired to obtain a ‘glamour model’ which was made famous by the likes of Katie Price and Pamela Anderson. This particular figure often involves surgically enhanced breasts and a teeny tiny waist. Now the ‘porn star’ ideal has become the least wanted look with just 1 in 200 women wanting to attain the Barbie-like figure.


Another popular body ideal 10 years ago was the super-skinny look that was once made popular by supermodel, Kate Moss. Whilst some females naturally carry a small structure, 2 in 5 girls would put their health in grave danger in order to achieve such a small frame. Now in 2013 just 7 percent of young women think the thin figure is attractive.


More recently, women have been thinking about their health rather than their image alone with 1 in 5 girls aspiring to be fit instead of thin. You will find that ladies are now taking part in physical activity and adapting to a proper balanced diet rather than trying fad diets that promise fast and unhealthy weight loss. Lucy Mecklenburgh, former TOWIE star, is one celebrity that girls idolise for her toned and healthy body image.


Another body craze to sweep Britain is the curvy ‘soft body’ donned by the lovely Kelly Brook and Christina Hendricks. 38 percent of women feel that the soft body shape is the sexiest shape for women and the most healthy and attainable. This shape always women to embrace their natural curves. 79% of women also claimed that their partner preferred this body image compared to just 3% of men who would choose a girl with glamour model style fake breasts.

Of course, we recommend attaining your body ideal safely without putting your health at risk. Here at Camille we want to promote a healthy body image and want all of our customers to love the bodies they have!

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