Did Somebody Say Heat Wave?

So word on the street is Britain will be enjoying a 3 month heat wave in the coming weeks and we can’t wait! Following on of the wettest winters on record, it’s about time Britain received some sunshine and with thermometers thought to reach the high 20s it looks like we could be in for a spectacular early summer.

At Camille there is nothing we love more than the summer season so we thought we would share some of our favourite things to do whilst the sun is shining.

Go to the Seaside

Here in Britain we have some beautiful coastlines which are difficult to enjoy with such cold weather. So when the sun finally decides to come out to play, most of the British population will head straight down to their local beach. Playing in the amusements, taking a dip in the sea, eating fish and chips and finishing the day off with an ice cream, a daytrip to the seaside is a great family day out.

Do the Gardening

After months of neglect, your garden could really do with a tidy up. A great way to enjoy the sun whilst feeling productive is to spend some time in the garden preparing it for the string of garden parties you will be hosting in the coming months. Cut the grass, plant some flowers and get out your garden furniture.

Have a BBQ Party

There’s something about the sun that makes everybody want to whip out their BBQs and conjure up sweet-tasting cocktails to sip whilst soaking up the sun in the garden. At the first glimpse of a bit of sunshine, call all of your friends and ask each of them to bring something to put on the BBQ to save you a little cash. It’s the perfect time to socialise with old friends who you haven’t seen in a while.

Enjoy a Bike Ride in the Countryside

With so many indulgent treats associated summer such as ice cream and marinated meats, you still need to find the time to cram some exercise into your fun-packed days. Enjoy the sun whilst keeping up your fitness by hopping on your bike and heading off into the countryside. View the beautiful British heritage on your journey and enjoy an exciting day out with your family.

No matter how you plan on spending the scorching days in the sun, one thing’s for sure you will need a swimsuit for those days at the beach and sunbathing in your back garden. Take a look at some of our latest swimwear additions new in at Camille for SS14.


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