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5 ways to be Body Confident this Summer

Warmer months mean lightweight clothes are at the forefront of our wardrobe to ensure we stay cool during the wild bursts of heat. Many women will agree that shopping for your summer wardrobe is one of the best parts about the new season although there is one drawback – if you are not body confident, you can have a hard time trying to feel comfortable in the new clothes that you buy.

Here we have put together five ways to help make you body confident this summer – without having to diet!

1. Nude Bra

Don’t let your bra spoil your look this summer. A nude coloured bra will become a lifesaver beneath those crisp white sundresses and cami tops you will be wearing throughout the warmer months. Nude and beige shaded undergarments are actually less noticeable than if you were to wear white so make sure a skin coloured lingerie set is a part of your summer essentials.

Nude Bra

2. Seamless Multi-way Bra

With racer backs, halternecks and strapless tops and dresses, it can be tricky trying to manoeuvre your bra to ensure your straps are disguised. Our seamless multi-way padded bra is the kind of versatile bra you need to ensure you are given the support you need without hindering your ensemble.

Seamless Multi-way Bra

3. Shapewear

When it comes to showing off your shape in a figure-hugging bodycon dress, shapewear will become your best friend. If you haven’t managed to achieve that dream beach body you promise yourself every year, then our range of comfortable women’s shapewear will help suck you in to help you create a smooth and envious figure.


4. Backless Bra

One style that is really is really popular this season is the backless dress. Don’t let your lingerie affect your favourite dress by letting your bra poke through the back, take a look at our handy collection of backless bras that will sit comfortably beneath low-back garments whilst also providing you with the support you need.

Backless Bra

5. Flattering Swimwear

When choosing your swimwear for a break in the sun, think carefully about the style you choose to ensure it complements your body type. Take a look at our previous post which helps you find the right swimwear to suit your shape.

Flattering Swimwear

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