Let’s go Wireless! The Must Have Bra for a Comfortable Summer

We can honestly say that the past couple of weeks have been the hottest we’ve had in a long time! Here at Camille we love the summer sun and can’t get enough of trying to top up our summer glow. However, one of the issues that ‘pleasantly’ accompanies this glorious weather is trying to find the right bra that we can wear without feeling uncomfortable from the sweltering heat.

This summer we have decided to go wireless! And no, we’re not talking about the internet, we mean bras! It’s a well known fact that two thirds of women continue to wear the wrong sized bra which results in discomfort and lack of support. As you can imagine, underwired bras can become uncomfortable at the best of times but since they are the most popular type of bra on the market today, we see this type of bra as the norm.

At Camille we have an exceptional collection of non-wired bras which are available in a series of designs for you to choose from. Over the years the lingerie industry has gone from strength to strength, introducing a variety of new fabrics and technologies for better wearability. As a result of this, our range of wireless bras can now offer you just as much support as an underwired bra, but without the discomfort!

With a non-wired bra you will be able to venture out into the heat and feel more at ease as your bra won’t dig in and cause you to sweat. With many of our wireless designs, you will also find that some come without padding – perfect for the summer!

Non Wire Bra Black

As one of our most popular non-wired bras, this style from the Susie range offers a smooth and comfortable fit.

Lace Non Wire Bra

Combining luxury platinum lace with firm, wireless support, this soft cup bra gets the balance just right.

Non Wire Bra MintThis mint green non wire bra offers full coverage and support with half lace cups for a feminine touch.

Non Wire Long Line BraThis classic long line bra has been designed for comfort and support. The low back is great for those low back summer dresses.

Non Wire Sports BraFor the athletes among us, our Royce Lingerie sports bra offers maximum support and zero impact during workouts.

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