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How to get the perfect fitting bra!

It is incredibly important for women to wear the correct size bra to ensure the perfect fit and that you don’t get back ache in the future. There are about 80% of women wearing the wrong sized bra! Most people either wear a bra that is too big in the back or too small in the cup. Here at Camille we thought we would help you out on how to get the perfect fitting by giving you advice on how to measure your bra size correctly.

Bra sizes are made up of two parts which are a letter and a number. The number is the back size which here at Camille start from 32 and go up to 44, whereas the letter stands for the cup size which can go anywhere from a A to g or even bigger.

For the perfect fitting bra the band is the most important as it gives your all the support you need, you should be able to put one or two fingers under the band but no more for it to be the right fit. For the cups there shouldn’t be any tissue coming out the side of the cups beneath your armpits.

Measuring your band size

The best way to measure your band size is run a tape measure around your chest underneath your breast, Make sure you measure in inches and the tape measure is flat against your skin. The tape measure has the be fairly snug but not too tight that it is digging in, If your measurement end up an odd number for example 31 make sure you try on bras that are either 30 and 32 to get the best fit for you.

Measuring your cup size

This can be a bit more difficult than measuring the band size. Put the tape measure around your torso so that the tape is over the fullest part of your breast. Don’t pull the tape tight and make sure it isn’t cutting into your skin, also make sure the tape measure is straight so you get a proper fitting. Now that you have the number subtract your band measurement from the number from your cup measurements. Each Inch is a cup size so for example if your band measurement was a 34 and your cup measurement was a 35 there is a 1 inch difference which would mean that you are a A cup or if your band measurement was a 34 and your cup measurement was 38 which is 4 inches different that means you are a D cup.

1 Inch= A

2 Inch= B

3 Inch= C

4 Inch= D

5 Inch= DD

We hope this has helped you find the correct bra size for you, Make sure you take a look at our full range of women’s bras Online Today!

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