7 Steps to a Cheap and Cheerful Spring Detox

We’re finally seeing the back of the cold and frosty winter season and preparing for the welcoming arrival of Spring. Whilst everybody is talking about spring cleaning, we at Camille are discussing our plans for a spring detox to prepare ourselves for the skin-baring summer season which is lurking in the not so distant future!

Whilst being fit and healthy is hugely beneficial to your general lifestyle and wellbeing, it can sometimes leave a hole in your pocket. With expensive gym memberships and buying fresh fruit on a biweekly basis being the biggest culprits, we have put together 7 steps to help you towards a cheap and cheerful spring detox.

Fix your Sleeping Pattern

Sleep plays an important part in your physical health and aids the healing process when you’re poorly. Now that the mornings are getting lighter, leave your blinds or curtains open a smidgen so you can be woken up naturally by the sun, this will give you a much better mindset for the day instead of being woken up by a frightening alarm. Aim to sleep between 7.5 and 8 hours a night.

Sweat it Out!

If you don’t currently exercise daily, try to incorporate it bit by bit by making small changes to your routine such as taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking a stop further for the bus. If exercise is already a regular part of your lifestyle, step up your game by increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Sweat It Out

Freeze Unused Fruit & Veg

If you’re not making your way through all of your fresh fruit and vegetables quick enough, try freezing portions for another day, this way you will save money and also save on waste.

Frozen Fruit

Make Smoothies with Off Fruit

Ever binned a banana because it looked a little on the black side? Or dodged some blueberries because there were a bit soft? A lot of people get put off fruit once it’s passed its best before date or if it is not visually perfect. If you’re the same, throw all of your fruit into a blender and make a smoothie – it will still taste great!

Healthy vegetable drink

Drink Lots of Fruit-Infused Water

If drinking copious amounts of water doesn’t appeal to you, try adding fruit to your water to add some flavour to it. There are water bottles you can now buy which help in infuse your water with fruit whilst you are on the go.

Healthy Spa Water with Fruit

Plan your Meals

Aim to plan your meals for the week ahead on a Sunday so you know exactly what you are going to make for the week and can make sure it is healthy. This way you can make sure you and don’t have to resort to a last minute takeaway because you have nothing to make for tea. Meal planning is also a great way to help with your shopping list and to prevent you from buying unnecessary products.

Meal planner

Indulge in some ‘Me’ Time

Never get so busy that you can’t fit in a bit of time for yourself. With our lifestyles constantly getting more hectic, it’s easy to get so busy that you can’t fit a bit of time in for yourself. Take some time out to read a book, go for a walk or listen to your favourite music.

Lost in a good book

What are you favourite detox tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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