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Comic Relief At Camille

The Camille team got involved with raising money for Comic relief this year, here are a few things we did which helped us raise £128.31.

All staff took part in a game supplied by Comic relief, the object of the game was we had 30 celebrity daces to choose from each staff member would pay for a face then at 3pm on the 13-3-14 Comic relief revealed the winning face on there website. The staff member who chose the winning face received half the proceeds and the other half was donated to Comic relief totaling £25.

One of our staff members joined in the fun; all Camille staff members sponsored her to let her kids do her make up and chose her cloths for her working day, as you can see in the picture they did a great job well done Ethan and Evie. Sarah raised £35.sarah with sponcer form

£5.31 was donated by staff member’s thank you guys.

An email was sent out to all our customers telling them for every pyjama set sold on the 13-3-14 £1 would be donated to Comic relief. We sold 63 pyjama sets. Thank you to all our customers for their support.

what are you guys doing for comic releif p

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