How to choose spring lingerie colours that will make you smoulder

Spring is the season of fresh, vivid colour. As new green leaves and yellow daffodils bloom into life set against a backdrop of timid blue skies and glistening April-showers, the time has come to take inspiration as you update your lingerie collection in favour of spring-worthy colours. But choosing the colours that will suit your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour is no easy feat; some colours match, others don’t. As such, we bring you our top tips for choosing lingerie in colours certain to suit you…

Complementing your skin tone

Light skin tones…blue lace

When it comes to lingerie, light skin tones are well suited to pastel shades and soft colours that are not too harsh against your porcelain skin. This elegant Lace Bra in a delicate, powdered cornflower blue creates just the right contrast for ivory to fair skin tones! If you prefer more vivid colours, be sure to go for either dappled patterns – such as that found in our Floral Print Pink Underwired Bra – or go for icy gemstone tones that match your eye and hair colour.

red boxers

Medium skin tones…

Tan or olive skin, referred to more broadly as a medium skin tone, can be enhanced through rich colours and deep jewel tones that pick out the glow in your skin colour. Avoid pale pastel shades as these can actually detract from your skin’s undertones. Try our striking Satin Rose Print Jacquard Boxershorts in Ruby, and our bold Gel Booster Bra in Sheer Purple.

white bra

Dark skin tones…

Darker skin, such as tones of mahogany and ebony brown, is the most versatile of them all. Whilst white, cream and light pastel shades create a strikingly appealing contrast, deep reds, blues and greens will pick out the undertones in your skin colour. Try this intricate Lace Soft Cup Bra in White for a sheer, bold contrast, and this Red and Black Lace and Satin Bra enhance the rich colours in your skin through the vivid colour of the material.

Consider your hair and eye colour, too!

Whilst skin tone is a big factor in finding the lingerie that will make you smoulder, your hair and eye colour are two other contributing factors. Our quick guide for these two factors is as follows:


  • Green eyes look great with any shade of green – from emerald to olive – and can also be complemented hugely by vivid reds and earth tones.
  • Blue eyes can be enhanced with shades of the skies and oceans, such as turquoise, sapphire and cobalt.
  • Hazel eyes suit both the lingerie colours suited to blue and green eyes – they are very versatile!
  • Whilst suiting many different colours, brown eyes are best complemented by deeper shades such as plum, purples and maroon.

purple bra saphire blue brateal bra

Hair colour…

  • With fair hair ranging from golden to yellow, when it comes to lingerie blondes are well suited to similarly fair colours such as pastels. This is because these paler shades will enhance your hair colour without overshadowing it through too bold a contrast.
  • Brunettes can go for richer colours which can contest the deeper tones of your hair. Deep blues, greens, reds and purples all get the go ahead, as well as vivaciously coloured patterns and earthen tones such as gold.
  • From auburn to strawberry blonde locks, redheads suit colours that enhance the deep red tones in their hair. Vivid colours such as crimson, electric blue and emerald green will all help to do this!

pink underwear teal underwear

black underwear

Remember, when choosing your lingerie take into account your skin tone as well as your eye and hair colour. You don’t have to find a colour to match all of them, but use our top tips to discover colours that complement your overall individual appearance! Explore our range of colourful lingerie and bras for more ideas…

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