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Your guide to summer holidaying: Our top five must-visit destinations













From sightseeing to surfing, the USA will leave any adventure seeker spoilt for choice: lose yourself in the never-sleeping land of Las Vegas; traverse the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge as it is shrouded by creeping fog or adorned by golden rays from the setting sun; explore the bright, bustling streets of New York City; experience the refreshing, aquamarine waters of Miami Beach or the scorching deserts of Arizona. Take your pick – the USA is a spectrum of adventures. When it comes to travel, trains and flights are the simple option, and the infamous route 66 is the way forward for any hardcore road-tripper.





As well as being steeped in culture, with the city of Chiang Mai housing ancient temples and grand temples, Thailand is shrouded in beauty. Known for being the location wherein The Beach was filmed, with turquoise shores, lush vegetation and white beaches set against soaring rock formations and crystal skies, this is the ideal holiday destination for those in search of serene, breath-taking scenery. Avoid tourist hotspots and go for less visited gems, such as Jomtien Beach as opposed to Pattaya Beach. For those wanting to delve deeper into the country’s beauty, the Ang Thong National Marine Park – consisting of 42 rainforest islands – is home to hidden, sparkling lagoons whilst the island of Ko Samui features magnificent, cascading waterfalls.





Once home to Alexander the Great as the hub of his vast, ancient empire, Greece is now a place of quieter lives. With rolling hills adorned with lush vegetation and crumbling temple ruins, this is the location for those seeking peace and tranquility. Walk the paths once trod by ancient Greek citizens as you pass through long-empty temples of their ancient Gods and Goddesses in Athens, and find secluded cliffs, beaches and countryside walks disturbed only by the warm breeze that occasionally breathes. Delve deeper into inhabited towns and quaint, white-walled houses and villas accompanied by relaxing Greek music are a main feature of the still-tranquil ambience that you will discover.









From the towering ruins of the colosseum in Rome wherein thousands of gladiators fought to the death, to the ashen remains of the city of Pompeii and it’s residents, which lay in the path of Mount Vesuvius’ devastating eruption almost two thousand years ago, Italy is the epitome of a cultural gem. Ideal for those keen to see sights of the ancient past that can still be found amidst bustling cities, Italy hosts both grand ruins and grand contemporary buildings within the same streets. Take a train trip around the country and soak in the vivid history and culture that adorns every city. Explore the infamous Duomo in the city of Florence and witness the extravagant Venetian architecture separated by glistening canals one day, and experience the world-renowned metropolis of fashion and design that is Milan the next.





Epitomising opulence, Dubai is the ideal holiday destination for those in need of some luxurious downtime – after all, it is renowned for being playground to the rich and famous, and even to the country’s crown prince himself. Whether you opt to partake in some of the many opulent experiences on offer, such as afternoon tea in the Burj Al Arab, strolling through the strikingly colourful Miracle Gardens, or indulging in some retail therapy at the sprawling Dubai Mall, or simply spend your time lounging on a sunbed with a shimmering swimming pool by your feet, Dubai is the place for you. When it comes to nightlife, the SkyView Bar at the Burj is undisputedly the place to be for beverages with the ultimate view.




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