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Boost your bust: Our top bras to complement smaller breast sizes!

As we all know, breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on many factors such as your height, weight, general body proportions and – most importantly – your own opinion, cup sizes may not always be an accurate measure of whether your breasts look ‘the right size’. This is because, put simply, there is no such thing as a perfect breast size. However, women with A, B or C cup sizes may sometimes decide to give their bust a little boost. But going under the knife for breast enhancing surgery can be costly, dangerous and (quite frankly) terrifying. So for those ladies who want to accentuate their breast size naturally, we’ve highlighted just the bras for you…
The two main bras styles which can help to give you the appearance of a fuller bust are push-up bras and padded bras. Push up bras are designed to literally ‘push’ your breasts higher up on your chest in order to give them a fuller appearance; they often do this through underwire. Also achieving the same effect, padded bras boost your breasts from underneath by means of gel or foam padding which lines the inside of the bra, creating a voluptuous looking bust as a result. Many bras combine a combination of the two features, and our selection of smaller-bust boosting bras features an array of striking styles…




Camille Super Boost Padded Push Up Black Underwire Bra

With an elegant floral design adorning black lace, this Super Boost Bra features padded foam cups combined with an underwire to enhance the shape and size of your breasts to the maximum, resulting in a cleavage that demands attention! This bra is also available in fresh white, cobalt blue and vivid pink.




Camille Aqua Underwired Airlift Womens Two Pack T-shirt Bra

Simple and functional with an underwire and padding, this Airlift T-shirt Bra in cool aqua gives your breasts a great boost whilst offering comfortable support. The weightless padding is removable, meaning that you can enhance your bust as and when you see fit! Some outfits do look better without a prominent chest area, after all. Coming as a part of a set, this bra can also be worn in white.




Camille Padded Push Up Plunge Underwired Bra

Featuring exquisite lace detail on the cup and along the bust, this Padded Push-Up Plunge Bra will boost your breasts with padding and underwire, whilst enhancing your cleavage to new levels through its plunge design. Available in a vast array of different colours, this particular bra has been a long-term best seller – so the high demand really speaks for itself!




Camille Ruby Red Satin Rose Print Padded Bra

Stunning and seductive, this Satin Rose Print Padded Bra in ruby red is ideal for those in search of a supportive yet subtle boost for their breasts. The padded cups provide extra shape for your breasts, making them appear more round and fuller. This bra is available in a variety of gemstone tones.




Camille Floral Print Pink Padded Underwired Bra

With a dainty floral design and lace detailing along the bust, this delicate Pink Padded Underwire Bra will give your breasts a great boost through a combination of an underwire and padded cups. This bra is also available in a demure, floral lilac design.   


Remember ladies, there is no ‘perfect’ breast size: by all means enhance the breasts that you have, but remember to love your body the way it is, too! Browse the full selection of padded and push up bras at Camille to find just the one for you.



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