Body Confidence: Shapewear to help you lose your inhibitions

Unwavering confidence is something that most women desire, but feeling confident when it comes to body shape is one of the biggest hang-ups to plague many women day in, day out. Whether it is being unable to wear your once-favourite figure-hugging dress as a result of gaining some weight, or deciding to buy clothes than drown you because you want to ‘hide’ your body, low body confidence can impact your self esteem greatly. At Camille, we believe that every woman should be encouraged to love her body. Our range of Shapewear is designed to facilitate just that by helping women to feel more confident about their body shape. Let’s explore just what shapewear can do…




Full body

Torso Control

The hips, waist and bust can be areas which cause women to feel self-conscious of their body. Our selection of shapewear body pieces are designed to provide some additional light support to these areas, helping women to feel more confident about their body by feeling that their silhouette is better controlled by the shapewear. Providing a smoother appearance and firmer feel when worn underneath clothes, they also look extremely alluring to enhance your body confidence even further! Available in a range of styles and colours, try our elegant Underwired Bodysuits embellished with Black Lace or Ivory Lace across the bust and torso, or our seductive Underwired Body Piece featuring black lace embellishment across the cup and upper thigh.





Firm hold

High Waisted Briefs

For those self-conscious of their stomach or hips in particular, our selection of high waisted shapewear briefs provide additional support to these areas. Helping to draw in the hips and stomach from well above the belly button, they create the look of a smoother, flatter lower torso when worn underneath clothes. This can greatly enhance confidence, and can enable you to feel comfortable wearing slightly more figure-hugging outfits that emphasize your feminine curves! Try our Bella Magic Firm Control Support Slimming Briefs for a demure white option, or our intricately High Waisted Shapewear Briefs for a seductive black option. Alternatively, our Nude Seamfree Thigh Slimming Control Support Briefs are ideal if you want to extend this support to your thighs!






Support Briefs

For those simply looking to feel a little more supported, standard support briefs are ideal. Giving a supportive boost to the hips and tummy below the belly button, these help to create a smoother silhouette when wearing outfits which cling to your feminine curves. For added embellishment, try our Lace Control Briefs in Black and White, which feature delicate floral lace detailing, or our Elle Light Control Support Briefs with dainty bow and lace detailing.


For more shapewear options in an array of styles and colours, browse the full collection at online Camille!


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