Healthy glow: Looking after your skin this summer



Summer is the season for our skin to make an appearance after the chill of spring has thawed out. As such, there has never been a better time – or a greater need – to ensure that your skin has that healthy glow. Camille explores precisely how to get your skin into tip top condition this summer…




  • Be gentle


As the weather heats up, showering becomes even more important to keep us feeling refreshed and clean. But be aware that the products you use in the shower can be harsh on your skin if used too often – go for natural products which don’t contain too many chemicals if you are going to shower more than once a day. Likewise, be aware that skin can be damaged if you dry it too vigorously with a towel: simply patting your skin dry will suffice!




  • Replace moisture


As you sweat, excessively shower and toil throughout the heat of the day, your skin can become dry and taught. To combat this, replace the moisture lost as the natural oils that your skin produces are removed throughout the day by using a rich moisturizer daily. Apply this moisturizer after a bath or shower when your skin is still slightly damp to lock in additional moisture.



  • Brighten up


Over time skin can become dull as dead skin cells build up. To remove this dull layer, exfoliate your skin regularly using a lightly abrasive scrub (never use such a scrub on your face – there are gentle exfoliators designed specifically for this delicate skin). Rub lightly in circular motions, and ensure that you rinse the scrub off well after use.




  • Protect, protect, protect


With the risk of sun damage to your skin being at its highest during the summer months, ensure that you protect yourself by wearing a high factor sunscreen throughout the day: apply this liberally and regularly to all areas of skin that are exposed, including arms, shoulders, neck, ears, legs and feets. To prevent an oil build up on the face, be sure to apply a more sensitive sunscreen that is specifically designed for such delicate skin.



Stick to these tips to ensure that your skin is looking and feeling its best this summer – courtesy of Camille!


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