Hot This Halloween: Costumes with Camille

Witch Costumes

Halloween is the perfect time of year for having a bit of fun when it comes to dressing up, and there are usually two types of costume we go for when deciding on the perfect outfit. If you’re not going for some seriously scary effects this year, then may we suggest some of our spicier selections for your choice of fancy dress…

Be warned, these probably aren’t appropriate for the office party…


Nurse Costumes

Nurse Costume

Get pulses racing and hearts hammering with this classic fantasy dress option. This Nurse costume is easy to match with some scarier accessories if you want to add a little Halloween guts and gore or a few unsettling medical instruments for a fearsome fancy dress fright. If you just want to show off your medical assets, a Nurse costume is a great way to make a sexy fancy dress statement this Halloween that’ll have everyone checking their pulse.

Maid Costumes

French Maid Costume

This Halloween there’s no need to be afraid of a bit of dirt! We kid, but if you do end up getting a bit dirty before you put your pumpkin out on the porch, we guarantee that cleaning will never have been so fun! A French Maid costume is a timeless classic when it comes to fantasy-wear. Sexy, suggestive and subservient, a uniform like this is guaranteed to turn heads.

Witch Costumes

Witch Costume

There’s no need to add any scary accessories here! A seductive witch costume creates the perfect hard-to-find balance between on-theme Halloween spookiness and sensual fantasy-wear. Cast a lasting love spell on those who dare lay eyes on you this Halloween and give them a witching night to remember with this playful costume, the ultimate in magical fun.

Police Officer Costume

Police Officer Costume

Remind everyone why they should be scared of the Police this Halloween and dish out some well deserved punishment in this arresting seven piece fancy dress costume. Who doesn’t love a woman in uniform? Feel confident in your own authority this Halloween and show them who’s in charge.


Staying in this Halloween? Be sure to check out our full Seduction range to make sure you’re not missing a trick by still having a treat.

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