Onesie Madness: The Epidemic Continues

Pink Polkadot Onesie

Five Onesies

The craze for onesies hit the shops back in 2011, but the fashion trend you love to hate seems set to continue for a long while yet! First introduced to the fashion scene by Ryan Gosling and featured by Macklemore in his 2012 video for ‘Thrift Shop’, the onesie’s popularity increased by epic proportions. No longer just seen as a nightwear or loungewear item, the onesie was adopted primarily by the student population who wanted to make a quirky fashion statement at parties and even when hitting nightclubs. The patterns changed from soft and subtle to bright and bold designs that often worked as basic fancy dress costumes. The infamous tiger onesie was so popular that it became synonymous with student culture. The next couple of years, things turned sour for the onesie fad among students and the fashion trend turned back towards lounge and nightwear preferences for men and women looking to cosy up against the cold. Once again best-loved as a cosy and tongue-in-cheek item of loungewear, the onesie remains in our wardrobes for another autumn/winter season in designs that hark back to those fancy dress themes but also some classic wintery designs you’re sure to love stepping into this season.

To keep you right up to date with the onesie trend, we’ve put together a little showcase of our newest and best onesies for the new season.

Classic Cosy

Introducing: Navy Blue Star Print Onesie

This classic combination of lightweight design and stylish wintery pattern makes for a gorgeous looking onesie that sidesteps the gimmicks. The seven button front fastening adds a touch of class when paired with the subtle print for a onesie that’s relaxing to wear and easy on the eyes! Snuggle up on the sofa in this onesie.

Star Print Onesie

Fancy Fairisle

Introducing: Luxury All In One Fairisle Print Hooded Burgundy Onesie

The print that everyone’s craving this season, the fairisle pattern can be found on some of the top seasonal items. The perfect print for a snug onesie, this particular design is made from luxury supersoft feel material for added comfort and warmth, and even comes with a soft fleece lined hood. Sink into luxury material and style this season with this on-trend onesie.

Fairisle Onesie

Playful Pinks

Introducing: Supersoft Pink Spot Hooded All In One Onesie

Pink never goes out of style. Though most frequently used in spring and summer palettes, a cool pink such as the shade used in this particular onesie, can be perfect for adding a feminine touch to your winter wardrobe. The cool tone combined with the playful polkadots and supersoft fleece hood results in a refreshingly colourful design that will produce continual comfort throughout the colder season.

Pink Polkadot Onesie

Luscious Leopard Print

Introducing: Supersoft Animal Print All In One Cat Leopard Onesie

Leopard print is a timelessly popular choice when it comes to bold patternwear. A simple way to inject some energy into your loungewear, this print is perfect for those looking to reflect a playful and bubbly personality even in their most relaxed moments. A creature of convenience, this onesie also comes with a zip front fastening and elasticated cuffs to stop those sleeves from slipping down.

Leopard Print Onesie

Crazy Costume

Introducing: Supersoft Brown And White Fox Hooded Onesie

Though the fancy dress days of the onesie are no longer in full swing, we think it’s definitely time for a new wave of onesie madness! This fox onesie is zip up for an effortless loungewear experience and comes with all the trimmings of a classic foxy costume! The onesie hood features eyes, ears and a nose so all you have to do to complete your look is flip up the hood and you’re set to party!

Fox Hooded Onesie

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