Under the Mistletoe…

Mistletoe Silhouette

‘Tis the season for dressing to impress! The party season has finally arrived and for the single among us, you may have high hopes of finding a little more than an open bar at the Christmas party. This Christmas, don’t be left alone in the corner with your glass of wine. Camille can help you to improve your chances of achieving the picture perfect kiss under the mistletoe by dressing you to look and feel your absolute best. We have some great tips for looking amazing over (and under!) your party outfit and some pointers on how to exude confidence through your body language while you’re schmoozing and dancing the night away.

Mistletoe Silhouette

Here at Camille we adore shapewear. Invented with the express purpose of improving our natural assets and smoothing over the lumps and bumps we may not be so fond of, shapewear is a lifesaver when it comes to party dressing. Some of the current styles can be a little unforgiving when you’ve over-indulged on all the seasonal treats, so invest in some shapewear to pull in and push up where it’s most needed. Made with high quality luxurious fabrics to provide excellent support, the silhouette figure that shapewear provides will smooth your figure as well as any lines under your party wear garment.

We Recommend: Camille Women’s Black Lingerie Underwired Shapewear Body

Black Shapewear Body

If shapewear doesn’t take your fancy, then we recommend some luxurious lingerie to boost your body confidence underneath your party outfit. If you’re wearing something a little low cut, then perhaps choose a push-up bra to enhance your natural bust. Comfortable and effortlessly sexy, a classic push-up bra can work wonders on your look and your confidence.

We Recommend: Camille Black Push Up Padded Underwired Bra

Black Push Up Padded Bra

If you’re looking for something a little cheeky, a suspender belt can be the perfect way to support any extra weight around your hips while providing you with a classically sexy underwear look that only you have to know about.

We Recommend: Silky Black Wide Lace Ribbon Strap Suspender Belt

Black Silk Suspender Belt

Projecting a confident image isn’t just about how you appear, but also about showing how you feel. By adopting an assertive posture, you’re showing others that you are happy within yourself and they should feel comfortable in approaching you.


Maintain Eye Contact

When talking to another person you should be maintaining eye contact around 60% of the time. This classic flirting technique not only shows the other person that you are interested in them, but also that you are comfortable in talking with them, which instantly makes them relax.

Confident Woman Pose

Keep Your Chin Up

When walking to the bar, keep your chin up and your eyes forward. You’ll feel more in control of your path and others will respond to this shift in power and confidence in kind (hopefully by letting you to the front of the queue!)


Shoulders Back

If you’re taking a break from the dancefloor, try sitting with a straight back. Chatting with a few friends? Stand with lowered shoulders to show a relaxed position. This posture will not only make you look, but feel confident in yourself and others will feel relaxed and comfortable speaking with you.

Dancing Woman Silhouette

Uncrossed and Open

You may feel a little awkward until the party gets warmed up, but keep limbs loose and relaxed, gently folding at the most. This shows you are trusting of your environment are speaking to and confident in your own power.

We at Camille hope that you look and feel fabulous whatever the occasion! If you’re still looking for a little inspiration, try browsing our best sellers collection to see what other Camille fans are recommending this season.


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