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Choosing the right bra for your growing daughter can be an exciting time, but is often filled with questions and conflicting advice about the best types of starter bra. Here at Camille, we like to give you the best advice possible in simple terms so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Her first bra is an important choice, so we’ve put together a simple guide to shopping for her first bra to help you make the right decision together.


The Growing Bust

While it may be tempting to wait until the breast tissue is developed enough to fit a woman’s bra, it’s really important that girls should be fitted for a bra as soon as breast tissue begins to develop. Even at this early stage, the bust needs to be properly supported to encourage correct growth and to minimise any growing pains they may experience. As the bust is developing, a starter bra in a crop top or non-wired style should be worn to provide this support without restricting growth.

Please remember that underwire bras can be damaging to developing breast tissue, so to make sure the bust develops safely and naturally, always select a starter bra until the bust is fully developed. If you require further support, a sports bra is the safest option for teenage girls.


Fitting the Starter Bra

We have a fantastic bra fitting guide that helps you to fit a bra for yourself at home, but teenagers should consider that they need to allow for future growth when purchasing their first bra, so fit the bra on the tightest row of hooks and regularly re-measure to make sure you have the right size.


Which Style of Starter Bra is Right for Me?

There are two main styles of starter bra – padded and non-padded.

Padded cups provide a smoother appearance under clothing and provide a little extra support without having to include an underwire. This is the best style for busts that are part-way developed.

Non-padded cups are lighter in support, making it the perfect choice as a starter bra for the smaller bust. Cups are often layered to provide modesty, without the thickness of a padded cup.

Both styles of bra are designed with adjustable straps so you can alter the bra for a comfortable fit.


Shop for Her First Bra!

Browse our collection of Teenage Bras to find the right starter bra for your daughter with Camille.

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