What Your Lingerie Says About You

Embroidered Briefs

What Your Underwear Says About You

The lingerie that you choose can say just as much about you as your regular wardrobe does! Here at Camille, we are passionate about providing you with lingerie that fills you with  confidence and reflects your unique personality! We’ve put together a quick guide about what your bras and briefs say about your personality…

The Comfort Girl | As far as you are concerned, pretty lace just doesn’t cut it for you. You have a laid back personality which means that you want to feel as relaxed as you possibly can and that is reflected in the underwear you choose!. Step away from more uncomfortable items such as thongs because you just want something hassle free and maybe even seam free to make life that little easier.

Camille Recommends: White Seam Free Soft Comfort Brief

White Comfort Briefs

The Flaunt-It Girl | Bursting with self confidence and not afraid to show it, you like to go for lingerie that enhances those fabulous features of yours. You entice people in with your charm and leave those around you feeling good about themselves both inside and out. You are certainly not afraid to give yourself that extra little push…

Camille Recommends: Super Boost Padded Push Up Bra

Push Up Bra

The Fun-Loving Girl | Staple black and white briefs simply send you to sleep! You always look for something that is on the bright and beautiful side of life to match your shining personality because when you feel good on the inside, it radiates out. You are the first at a party and the last to leave because there is just too much fun to be had when you’re around!

Camille Recommends: Floral Embroidered Lace Blue Thong

Embroidered Briefs

The Sporty Girl | Whether you love running or football, gymnastics or rugby, you need something that will hold you in place and not ruin that sporty flow of yours. An active lifestyle means that you have no time to fiddle about with straps or an uncomfortable underwire. You are after something that is just as flexible as you are.

Camille Recommends: Royce Wire Free Sports Bra

Sports Bra

Don’t feel like you fit in those categories? Browse our full range of bras and briefs to find lingerie that speaks to you!

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