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Here at Camille, we want to make sure that each woman has a selection of beautiful and comfortable underwear available to them, and this includes women recovering from a mastectomy to tackle breast cancer.

Cancer Research UK work tirelessly to save thousands of lives affected by breast cancer, yet their life-saving donations rely on donations. That’s why throughout May, for every Mastectomy Bra purchased, Camille will donate £1 to Cancer Research UK so they can continue their fantastic work beating cancer of all kinds.

The Facts

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. It is the most common cancer in the UK, yet around 550,000 people in the UK are alive and living with breast cancer, having undergone the mastectomy procedure to remove the affected breast tissue.

The risk of developing breast cancer is particularly high for females and increases with age. However, early detection through increased understanding and awareness of breast cancer means that survival rates following a breast cancer diagnosis are improving. The best way to catch breast cancer early is to keep each other informed and self-aware.


Recovering from a mastectomy can take around three to six weeks, with a possible two or three day hospital stay. You need to prepare yourself for lots of rest, mixed with gentle exercise as directed by your nurse.

You may need to experiment with a suitable prosthesis (bra insert) if you haven’t had breast reconstruction. Usually, a temporary lightweight artificial breast will be provided to fit inside of your mastectomy bra, but when your wound is completely healed you’ll be able to have a permanent prosthesis.

Mastectomy Bras at Camille

As you recover, you’ll need to consider suitable bras that will offer you the correct and most comfortable support . Here at Camille we have a wonderful selection of mastectomy bras in a variety of different colours and styles, purpose built for gentle yet firm support and wirefree comfort, suitable for women with a left, right or bilateral mastectomy. Simply slip your prosthesis into the appropriate cup and adjust the straps and back to a comfortable position.


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For more information about breast cancer, how to spot common symptoms, and how Camille can help, take a look at our Breast Cancer Awareness page.

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