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Bra Fitting Guide

Bra Fitting Guide


You’d be surprised how many women are walking around right now with an incorrectly fitting bra. The wrong fit doesn’t have to be obvious, sometimes subtle problems such as having it on the wrong setting or having a slightly gaping cup size can cause discomfort and an unflattering shape underneath clothing. We don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable or disappointed with your lingerie purchase, so bearing the following tips in mind when you’re out bra shopping can really make a difference!


Fitting the Straps

Don’t simply try the bra on and look for cup size, make sure that you have a friend or shop assistant on hand to adjust the straps properly so you can see if they’re offering you the right kind of support without cutting into your shoulders and causing aches and pains in your neck. Straps should be firmly tightened without them being too slack or tight. Unless you’re extra flexible we recommend that you get some help with this stage!


Fitting the Cups

There’s a fine art to making sure that the cups of your bra fit, and it doesn’t start with simply putting the bra on and taking a look at how everything’s falling. One of the best techniques we’ve been shown over the years is the Swoop and Scoop! Insert your hand into the part of the cup nearest your armpit and swoop it round to gather your breast into the bra cup to make sure that you’re getting the best amount of support (and the best most cleavage enhancing shape!). You should do this every morning when you put your bra on.

Once you’ve swooped and scooped, take a look at the line of each cup. If there is a gap between your breasts and the cup, then it’s too big. If you find that the cups are digging and in and creating the dreaded four-boob effect – it’s too small. If you think you’ve got the right size, great! Try on a top (preferably plain & untextured) and look at the appearance underneath – it should be smooth in appearance without any wrinkles or unwanted bumps.


Check the Front

If the centre piece of your bra doesn’t fit properly you’ll know about it! You don’t want it to be digging in anywhere or gaping away from your body. If this is the case, the bra doesn’t fit properly. It should lay flat against your breastbone and be comfortable and unnoticeable.


If you want a step-by-step guide to follow, check out our official Camille Bra Fitting Guide and take a look at our fantastic selection of Women’s Bras.

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