The Nation’s Nightwear

The Nation's Nightwear

Here at Camille, we specialise in nightwear that guarantees you a blissful night’s sleep. When it comes to nightwear, we all have particular preferences – whether it be the style, the material, how often we buy or who we’d be happy to buy it for. We want to make sure that our selection of Nightwear has the right options for all of our Camille ladies, so recently we asked you a few questions to find out exactly what you look for when choosing your nightwear. Here’s what we found…

Pyjamas vs Nighties

Okay it was a pretty close call, but 56% of you love to wear pyjamas to bed while 44% of you wear a nightdress. We at Camille find that pyjamas vs nighties can be a seasonal choice as well as personal preference, nice cosy pyjamas for the winter and a cool, breezy nightie for the summer!

Online vs Instore

Another close call, but the results revealed that 56% of you prefer to buy in store with 44% preferring to buy online. We get it, buying in store gives you the opportunity to try your nightwear on without penalty – but did you know that ordering from Camille means you get free delivery and returns on UK orders? Plus if you spend over £50 you receive 10% off your order!

Buying Nightwear for Yourself

We understand, it can be really hard to choose the right nightwear for someone else, it’s such a personal choice! So it’s no surprise that 52% of you buy nightwear for yourself, with only 26% buying for family and 22% for a partner. Treat yourself!

Dressing Gowns vs Bed Jackets

Dressing gowns are the perfect way to cosy up in the winter when you’re lounging around, but have you ever found yourself a little too warm? Wanting something in between? Why not try a bed jacket? You never know, it could be a new favourite…

Snug Nightwear

Especially at this time of year, we’re absolutely with you when it comes to finding some snug nightwear to see us through the colder months. 33% of you prefer wearing lightweight nightwear all year round, and 22% of you prefer luxuriously silky nightwear. As for sexy nightwear? You’d rather leave that to your lingerie.

Seasonal Nightwear

We don’t often think about our buying habits, but when it came down to it 37% of you say that you buy new nightwear once every few months and 30% of you buy twice a year. It’s natural to have different nightwear sets for summer and winter, and even summer and spring. Some of you buy a little less often than that (we know it’s hard to give up your favourite nightwear!) but on the whole, you like buy your nightwear to suit the season!

Designer Nightwear

None of you find having designer nightwear very important, with only 4% of you preferring to find designer nightwear if possible. 59% of you find that the comfort and style of your nightwear is more important to you, with 37% of you intentionally not choosing to buy designer nightwear. Here at Camille, we design our nightwear with your priorities in mind – so you’ll have a comfortable and stylish nightwear experience without the designer price tag.

Camille Nightwear

Thank you so much, 78% of you say that you would recommend Camille nightwear. That’s a pretty huge compliment, and we’re really proud that you’re fans. 19% of those who voted said that they haven’t tried our nightwear before! Well what are you waiting for? Check out our full nightwear range and discover pyjamas, nighties, dressing gowns and more from Camille.

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