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Perfect Bras for Summer

Perfect Bras for Summer

Here at Camille, we can hardly wait for the summer to really get underway. While you’re waiting for the sun to come out, it’s the perfect time to give your warm-weather wardrobe a little support from your lingerie drawer. Most of the summer outfits we own are made with strappy styles, halter necks and plunging tops, so you need to carefully think about if you have the perfect bra to pair with all those tricky strap and necklines. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got a few recommendations for tackling some of the most common types of summer clothing…





Having a t-shirt bra is absolutely essential whatever the time of year. One of the most basic bras you can have in your lingerie drawer, we recommend the Royce Lingerie Seam Free Bra. This super soft t-shirt bra has three layers that help you get the best in comfort, structure and support from your bra. The molded cups offer a fantastic smooth outlining under whatever you have in your summer wardrobe, for a comfortable yet undetectable wear.


Camille Tshirt Bra

The strapless style is the perfect choice for summer clothing as it means avoiding any unsightly tan lines while you’re out and about or sunbathing in the garden. However, if you can’t get away without wearing a bra underneath your strapless outfit, you’ll want to find the right kind of support from a strapless bra. By Wishes offer a range of adhesive bra cups that offer natural feeling cups that allow you to wear strapless and even backless outfits in summer.

Camille Self Adhesive Bra

However, if you’re looking for something a little more versatile to wear underneath any outfit, strapless or not, we can recommend the Camille strapless multiway bra to give yourself a number of options to work with.



Camille Multiway Bra


As a cooling option, white is the perfect pick for summer fashion, but it can be a nightmare trying to find lingerie that doesn’t show up underneath thin white clothing. Nude bras are a great solution to your lingerie woes. Designed to work with light colours and fabrics to produce a neutral effect, nude bras are lifesavers when it comes to styling yourself in white.

 Camille Nude Bra

Discover our full collection of bras and lingerie perfect for adding to your lingerie collection at Camille.

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