5 Reasons Why You Should Kiss The Bikini Body Dream Goodbye

Why You Should Kiss The Bikini Body Dream Goodbye

Why You Should Kiss The Bikini Body Dream GoodbyeRemember being “bikini body ready?”

Us neither.

The bikini body dream was never something achievable without a personal trainer and a good photoshop edit, but once upon a time, the average woman would dedicate their Spring to achieving the ‘bikini body’ in time for summer.

Motivated by intimidating billboards that constantly had women questioning if their body was bikini ready after all, the idea that there was only one type of body that could dare to wear a bikini was as popular as it was toxic.

Nowadays, we know a lot better than to take notice of such narrow minded ideas about our bodies, but women who were subjected to decades of body image negativity are still feeling the pressure to achieve the bikini body dream in time for summer.

History of the Bikini Body
The idea of the bikini body first started in the sixties where it always does, with an ad campaign. The mad men of the sixties decided that the best way to sell weight loss products to women was to make them extremely self-conscious about their bodies, suggesting to them that they weren’t going to fit in with the image of the bikini ready woman if they didn’t have a tiny waist, firm hips and bust and slender legs.

This image of a woman’s body was hailed as the perfect ‘bikini body’, and was accompanied by ad campaigns that actively encouraged women to lose weight so they’d fit in with this ideal – ironically made up by men sat around a boardroom table.

The Body Positive Movement
It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the tables are starting to turn in the media, with women racing to reject this bikini body image of the sixties and instead become empowered about their body image. Slogans such as “Because your body is ready for summer. Just as it is” and “How to get a bikini body? Put on a bikini” are being shared across the internet and mainstream media, firmly denouncing the idea that there is just one type of ‘bikini body’.

Everyone from the ordinary woman to celebrities are calling for bikini body propaganda to disappear forever, and with great success across many platforms. Many magazines have begun to ban the term ‘bikini body’ from their publications and body positive campaigns are popping up in place of weight-loss campaigns.

It’s a far cry from the days when fat-shaming was simply accepted and even encouraged – but there is still much work to be done in changing the hearts and minds of the media and women sat at home worrying about how they’ll look on holiday this year.

We agree that it’s complete rubbish to suggest that only one type of body is appropriate for wearing a bikini. If you’re still not convinced that you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve put together a quick list of the top reasons you should stop caring about having a bikini body and skip straight ahead to shopping for a bikini that’ll make you feel a million dollars on the beach this summer.

5 Reasons You Should Kiss The Bikini Body Dream Goodbye

  • The Bikini Body Is Unhealthy
    Both physically and mentally! If you’re wanting to change the way your body looks, you should do it because you want to rather than because you think you should. There’s no need to put the pressure on with silly deadlines or comparing yourself to models who’ve been photoshopped to death.
    Work until you’re comfortable in your own skin, and do it at your own pace. Dropping tons of weight by going on crash diets can do a world of damage to your body, so take it easy on yourself and your body whether you’re planning on wearing a bikini this summer or not!
  • The Bikini Body Is Boring
    Who wants to look the same as everyone else? If we all turned up looking like supermodels out of a magazine the world would be a very boring place. Your body is fabulous just as it is, and variety is the spice of life whether you’re at home or at the beach.
  • The Bikini Body Is Unrealistic  
    If you’re already quite a fit and healthy individual, it may be possible to tone up between Christmas and your summer holiday to meet the classic ‘bikini body’ image – but for most women, the bikini body dictated to us by the media is completely unachievable. While we always encourage healthier lifestyles, trying to reach an unrealistic body type in just a few months will only end in disappointment.

    If you’re really determined to tone up a particular area or shift a few pounds, why not have a chat to a personal trainer at the gym about some fitness goals that are realistic for you?
  • You Don’t Need a Bikini Body
    No-one needs a particular body type to wear a bikini – as many of the body positive ads you’ll see around the internet are now stating, to get a bikini body you simply need to put on a bikini! Get comfortable with your own body and show off what you’ve already got whether you’re a skinny minnie or have curves for days.
  • You Can Join the Body Positive Movement Instead!
    The more women that are involved in being positive about their own bodies, the more positive role models we have for young women and girls that may be feeling insecure about their own bodies this summer. Joining in with the body positive movement by ditching the bikini body ideal and loving your own shape is the perfect way to start, and you’ll be part of a community of strong minded women that are changing the way we think about our bodies in bikinis!

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