Camille Swimwear: The Cheap Swimwear That Looks Expensive

Camille: Cheap Swimwear That Looks Expensive

Camille: Cheap Swimwear That Looks ExpensiveOur Camille women are always on the hunt for a bargain, and rightly so!

Who doesn’t love to save money but get a top quality product?

When it comes to swimwear, you can’t compromise on quality; Swimwear needs to fit and perform properly to keep you feeling confident on your summer holidays.

Unfortunately, many swimwear brands will happily try to sell you poor quality products to match their low budgets, so unless you know to look for the telltale signs you could end up with a poorly fitting piece of swimwear.

Shoppers, and particularly online shoppers, have been increasingly savvy over the past few years, knowing what to spot when it comes to swimwear. Cheap swimwear is easily spotted when you try it on as it will be made from material that doesn’t mould to your body, but some other signs to keep an eye out for when shopping online are visible seaming and poorly constructed underwire. In addition to problems with fit, you’ll most likely find that cheap swimwear takes on a sheen which indicates poor quality fabric was used to produce the swimwear.

It’s this sheen that causes the most problems for bargain swimwear hunters. While many will be prepared to put up with swimwear that’s skipped a little on the construction elements, if it looks cheap, customers aren’t likely to make the purchase no matter how inexpensive the swimwear is.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get good quality swimwear; good quality doesn’t always have to mean expensive. The trick is to find swimwear that’s cheap, but looks expensive. Features such as extra detailing, skirted swimsuits and padded cups all indicate a higher quality product, regardless of the price tag.

Our collection of swimwear at Camille includes bikini tops and matching bikini briefs, swimsuits and beachwear that are excellent quality but available at affordable prices.

If you’re not sure which swimwear will suit you best, have a read of our Camille Swimwear Guide which will walk you through the best types of swimwear for different body types and depending on what you’d like to get out of your swimwear, plus some top tips for swimwear shopping!

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