How Dirty Are My Pyjamas?

Dirty Washing

A short while ago, we talked to you in our Keep or Replace campaign about how often you should change a number of household items including your bra – but we didn’t get a chance to talk to you about your pyjamas! They’re one of the main offenders when it comes to our lazy housekeeping practices, and the question of how dirty or clean your pyjamas are is something we should definitely be discussing more!

How Often Should You Wash Your Pyjamas?
Most of us will happily wear our pyjamas for at least a couple of weeks without even considering changing them, but did you know that you should be washing your nightwear at least every week?

We wear our pyjamas for around 8 hours per night, wrapped in a duvet where we’re likely to sweat as we sleep. For this reason, wearing our pyjamas more than one night in a row is arguably worse than wearing the same t-shirt two days in a row!

Why Should I Change My Pyjamas More Often?
Simply knowing that you’re not washing your pyjamas as much as you should probably isn’t enough to convince you to do otherwise, but knowing the consequences of wearing dirty pyjamas might help you to change your ways!

Pyjamas are a breeding ground for bacteria thanks to the oily build-up on our skin. Since we’re wearing our sleepwear in bed (though it turns out some of you may be wearing it to the supermarket, so we hear!) the bacteria is easily transferred onto our sleepwear. Over time, this could cause you to infect cuts, increase acne and at its very worst cause cystitis. Think about your pyjamas like you do your towels – they pick up lots of bacteria with daily use so require frequent washes to keep things fresh.

Is The Sniff Test Enough?
The most common method for any household in determining if clothes and pyjamas need a wash is the sniff test. If your clothes smell a little off, stick them in the wash. Simple, right? Not so. Bacteria doesn’t carry a smell, unfortunately, so your tried and tested method probably isn’t catching the most harmful build-ups in your pyjamas.

What If I Shower Every Night?
Admittedly, if you take a shower just before bed every night, you probably won’t have to clean your pyjamas as often as some of those nasty skin cells will have been washed away. However, we’re still talking about washing them every week or so, as opposed to every four or five days, so keep on top of your laundry!

Who Isn’t Washing Their Pyjamas Enough?
When it comes to uncleanliness, we’ll often assume that it’s the man of the house causing us to go squeamish with his cleaning habits. However, most surveys on the subject find that men are likely to wash their pyjamas more often than women do – though again not nearly often enough!

The top reason (or excuse!) that women are likely to give is that they have several pyjamas sets on the go and therefore forget exactly how long they’ve been wearing them. We can sympathise with that one, it’s not something that we often pay attention to! Men on the other hand show off their additional laziness by using the excuse that they simply wear whatever’s clean or to hand, so if their partner hasn’t washed the laundry that week, they just wear their pyjamas again.

How Can I Change My Pyjama Cleaning Habits?
So you’re armed with all the information about how harmful dirty pyjamas can be, but how are you going to snap out of your routine? We recommend that you have a few pyjama sets in your arsenal to make sure that you always have a clean pair ready to go, and if you do a weekly wash, try and get into the habit of throwing this week’s pyjamas into the wash basket too!

Our Camille pyjamas deserve some love, so while you’re browsing our collection of Camille nightwear, keep in mind that to keep them this nice you’ll need to give them some laundry based TLC at least once a week if we’re going to trust you with them!

For more revealing household cleaning habits, take a look at our full Keep or Replace article.

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