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Is Your Nightwear Affecting Your Sex Life?

Nightwear at Camille

Nightwear at Camille

Over the course of a relationship, it’s easy to get comfortable – and there’s nothing wrong with that! If they can’t handle you at your no makeup and a comfy pair of pyjamas after a little while, they don’t deserve you at your little negligee.

That being said, the more comfortable you get in your relationship, the more your sex life seems to dwindle away – maybe not to nothing, but certainly not every night of the week! So how can you reignite that spark?

For some, trying new things in the bedroom is one way to make sure that they’re still indulging on the regular, but for most of us we like our sex lives just as they are – we’d maybe just like to make it happen more frequently.

Really, it’s all about a simple change – what you’re wearing to bed.

Most couples will have sex when they’re already in bed together – whether that be last thing at night or on a morning. That might sound lazy, but think about it – if you’re not going home to their place after a steamy date any more, the most natural time to ‘reconnect’ is when you’re in bed with each other and mostly undressed anyway.

However, if you’re snuggled up in bed in your long pyjamas covered in fluffy bunnies, you’re probably not sending the right signals to your partner that you’re feeling in the romantic mood.

In a recent survey, it was found that one in five people nationwide are sleeping naked. For some, it simply means they sleep much better, but for others it means that they’re more likely to become intimate with their partners if there’s no nightwear involved.

But what about the other four in five that don’t enjoy sleeping naked? Well, there are plenty of other options between naked and full length pyjamas that will get your partner’s heart racing in no time!

We’ve put together a quick guide to all the nightwear options that can help to your sex life back on track, from sexy to sensual nightwear options…


Okay, we don’t wear lingerie to bed to sleep in so much as to have it taken off, but it’s definitely worth mentioning that wearing lingerie to bed is going to heat things up right away. Whether you’re wearing a matching bra and knicker set, a lacy body or really going all the way with a suspender belt and stockings, lingerie is the clearest message you can give your partner that you’re interested in having sex before you go to sleep.


Your partner simply can’t get their wires crossed when you’re wearing a babydoll to bed. Unmistakably sexy, babydolls are a flirty way to reveal all without having to sleep completely naked. Expect lots of lace, luxury feel materials and often a formed cup for a cleavage boost to feature on your babydoll as they’re designed to be as sexy as possible.


The sexier cousin of the nightie – a chemise is like picking a party dress over a formalwear dress. You can expect them to be shorter, made from more sensual materials such as satin and lace, and they are designed specifically for a flirty and flattering fit in the bedroom.


Sweet and simple to wear, nighties are a comfortable choice of nightwear that still offers that close-fitting and skimpy appeal that offers a slightly more sensual approach to nightwear than full length pyjamas. Choose a nightie with lace panelling to heighten the sex appeal!

Satin Nightwear

Sometimes even the feel of pyjamas can have an effect on the sex appeal of nightwear. Silky to the touch, satin nightwear can make sure that your partner can’t keep their hands off you – regardless of which style you choose!

Of course, your choice of nightwear isn’t just about sending sexy signals to your partner. Your nightwear should help to boost your confidence and get you in the mood too! It’s about finding a balance between what you feel most confident in, and what feels like a sexy choice of nightwear for you and your partner.

So why not give it a go and see what sparks might fly?

Browse our full range of nightwear at Camille to find the perfect fit for you, and don’t forget that we have a fabulous selection of snug pyjamas and dressing gowns for those nights off!

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