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How To Embrace Your Fuller Bust With Camille

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Here at Camille, we understand the importance of properly supporting a fuller bust. If your bust isn’t properly supported, you’ll not only be uncomfortable but you probably won’t be feeling your most confident. We understand that fuller busts can cause you issues you’d rather not have such as back pain and difficulty finding the right bra, but we at Camille would love to help you to embrace your fuller bust and get you back to feeling fabulous!

By understanding the needs of a fuller bust and how to properly support your breasts, we hope that you’ll be able to find the right bra for you and start feeling more body confident!

Fuller Bust vs Fuller Figure

It’s a common misconception that fuller busts must mean a fuller figure all round; while this can certainly be the case, there are many women who only have a fuller bust and not a fuller figure. So what’s the difference? A fuller bust means that you can be a smaller body type but still have breasts larger than an F cup, for example.

When we say fuller figure, we refer to what would be considered plus size in terms of clothing. So fuller bust relates only to breast size, whereas fuller figure refers to body shape. Of course, you can have a fuller figure and a fuller bust, but it’s important that we understand that those two things can be separate.

How to Care for a Fuller Bust

It’s important that women with a fuller bust take proper care of their bust and the areas affected by it; taking proper care of a fuller bust will help to improve both your confidence and breast health. Here’s a few tips for how to care for a fuller bust:

    • Take care of your neck area
      The skin in this area is often under strain from a fuller bust. It can stretch due to the weight pulling down from your bust and become very sensitive over time due to a lack of fatty tissue and collagen. Make sure that you always wear sun cream in the summer to avoid sunspots and work a thick moisturiser into your skincare routine, making sure to massage it into your skin in an upwards motion.
    • Exercise
      One of the best things you can do for a healthy bust is exercise – work some pectoral muscle exercises into your fitness routine to create a fuller look and better support the weight of your bust.
    • Invest in proper support
      Making sure that the weight is taken off your skin is essential in maintaining the appearance of the bust area, but a well supported bust will also be much more comfortable for you and help with the health of your bust. Connected to your chest wall by ligaments and fibrous tissue, your breasts will sag quicker if the ligaments are allowed to stretch and strain. A properly fitting bra will prevent ligament damage, so make sure to spend time properly measuring and fitting your bra to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit.

What Makes a Supportive Bra Work?

It’s easy for us to sit back and advise you to choose a supportive bra, but what exactly are you getting from a supportive bra? Well, full bust bras are specifically designed to be able to support a greater volume of weight and therefore have different design features to help you have a more comfortable bra experience.

You can’t just upscale a smaller fitting bra and expect it to properly support a fuller bust, you need to consider structural changes such as wider straps to prevent them digging painfully into your shoulders, a thicker band to support your bust and reduce back pain, sturdy material that doesn’t give easily rather than stretchy elastic with little support, and side slings to help to lift the tissue up and out, giving you a flattering bust shape.

Camille’s Supportive Full Bust Bras

At Camille, we offer a huge selection of bras in a number of plus sizes to ensure that you’re properly supporting your fuller bust. Take a look at our full collection of bras at Camille and search by your size to find the perfect bra size for your fuller bust.

In our full bust bras, you’ll be able to find all the design features that make for a fully supportive bra, including wider bra straps, a thicker back band and cups fitted with side slings to make sure that your bust is healthy and looking its best at all times.


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