7 Christmas Traditions You Need to Start This Year

Camille Christmas

Camille Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year that’s full of tradition. The whole culture of Christmas is based on traditions from generations gone by, including the Christmas tree in your living room, Christmas cards posted to family and friends, eating delicious mince pies, hanging stockings over the fireplace, decorating with holly and ivy, pulling Christmas crackers over a turkey dinner, kissing under the mistletoe, singing a few Christmas carols and finishing the whole day off with a slice of Christmas pudding.


That’s the Christmas that we all know and love, but there’s always room to add your own little traditions into the mix that make it that extra bit special. We’ve put together a few Christmas traditions from recent years that we think you’ll love to start this year!

Homemade Advent Calendar

This works great for kids and adults too! Your homemade advent calendar can be any size, and can be filled without anything you like! For little ones, you could make a matchbox advent calendar filled with sweets and treats, or for big kids why not use slightly bigger boxes to make your homemade advent calendar and fill it with boozy miniatures on the run up to Christmas!

Christmas Pyjamas

Looking for a way to start the Christmas excitement early? Giving your kids a brand new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve ready for them to sleep in and unwrap their presents in the morning is a great way to invite the Christmas spirit in a little early. Take a look at our kids onesies for some festive ideas, and don’t forget to invite the whole family to join in with our collections of women’s pyjamas and men’s nightwear.

Mince Pie for Santa

An old favourite but a sadly disappearing tradition, leaving food out for Santa (and a carrot for Rudolph!) can be another way to really get the kids excited for Christmas and believing in Santa more than ever. The secret is to leave a delicious treat that you enjoy out for Santa with a glass of milk and Rudolph’s carrot on Christmas Eve, wait for the kids to go to sleep, then tuck in and make sure to leave a few crumbs for the kids to find on Christmas morning!

DIY Cards

While we appreciate that you can’t spend all of your time making homemade cards, making a DIY Christmas card for close family can be a great way for kids to get involved and give the family something really special to keep over the festive season. Get creative and look up ways to create your homemade Christmas card with card, colouring pens and maybe even some glitter for the finishing touches.

Gingerbread House

A delicious treat for all the family, building a gingerbread house is a fantastic way of getting the kids involved with a bit of Christmas DIY – or even big kids with a sweet tooth! Buy a gingerbread kit or make your own, then decorate away with icing, sweets and sprinkles galore. Remember to not leave it standing for too long, though, that gingerbread is made to be eaten!

Lingerie For Her

Finally, a way to get something for you made into a tradition. Why not convince your partner that buying you lingerie for Christmas would be extra romantic? Point them in the direction of our lingerie department at Camille to help them on their way to picking out something truly special for your Christmas present (or at least one of them…)

DIY Tree Decorations

Baubles are all well and good, but adding a special decoration of your own to the tree each year can be a great way to build up a truly personal set of tree decorations over the years and start a great little tradition. Your tree decorations don’t need to be complicated! Either buy a design-your-own bauble or make a decoration from scratch, then hang it on the tree with pride.


Whether you’re taking part in a Christmas tradition old or new, we hope that you have a fabulous Christmas from all of us at Camille. If you’re looking for some last minute Christmas presents for yourself or family, take a look at our women’s lingerie and women’s nightwear collections for fabulous deals and tempting treats.


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