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If you haven’t already heard about them, let us be the first to introduce you to Proskins – the brand taking the activewear world by storm. Proskins offer a range of activewear, but are most famous for their high performance leggings that go above and beyond the expectations you’d ordinarily have of your day to day gym-gear.

Proskins stand head and shoulders above many competing activewear brands thanks to their advanced technology and testing techniques. Working closely with experts and athletes in the sports and activewear field, Proskins have been able to expertly research their activewear and test them using professional athletes to find the perfect level of compression required for improving circulation and blood flow so you can recover from your exercise quicker than ever before.

Add to this the unique ingredients that are nestled in the material of Proskins activewear including aloe vera and vitamin E, and you have an activewear collection uniquely designed to not only support your workout, but to work to reduce cellulite and boost your confidence as you wear their fashionable leggings and tops.

When it comes to activewear fads and trends, the worry is that the actual performance may not live up to the hype, but we couldn’t recommend Proskins more. To prove that Proskins leggings are up to the task, we got a few lucky ladies to take their Proskins leggings on an active day out to see just how they’d perform in their day-to-day activities, from warm-up stretches to jogging, and even a spot of dog walking!

Let’s see how they got on!

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Seems to us like they had a great day out. The beauty of Proskins is that they have two unique ranges to suit your needs, so whether you want a pair of slimming leggings for everyday use or a pair of high performance leggings to help you reach your goals in the gym, Proskins undoubtedly have the right activewear for you in their collection.

We got the girls to take their Proskins activewear home and try them out in their usual routine as part of the Proskins 28 Day Challenge. Here’s what they had to say about their month in Proskins…

Camille 2

“I have the Proskins Slim high waisted leggings and the pink strappy top, and for the last few weeks I have worn them for yoga, as part of my work outfit, and just kicking around the house. What I really like about them is that whatever I am wearing them for, I don’t get too hot, or too cold. They seem to be a good all round staple for my wardrobe.

The leggings feel like they are “sucking” me in, so I feel toned and more confident to cover up less, both in yoga and at work. The strappy top is a good base layer, and with it being quite tight and fitted I was even able to go one day without wearing a bra!”
– Rachael, 40

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“I have been wearing the Proskins muscle supportive high stretch leggings whilst at work and home.

The material is so soft and flexible to my body shape, and I barely realise I’m wearing it a lot of the time. As for the fit, it streamlines my legs making them appear thinner whilst wearing them which is what I like most about them.”

– Beth, 25

Camille 4

“I have been wearing the Proskins Active running leggings for running and going to the gym. I love the material, they feel comfortable on my legs and have a nice feel; it feels as though my legs don’t sweat at all because the leggings have moisture wicking properties.

Not only is the material great, but I also love the pattern and colours on them, they go with any tops I have too, making them versatile to wear. I’ll definitely be wearing these all the time instead of my usual, everyday leggings.”

– Aisha, 22

Camille 5

“I absolutely love my Proskins muscle supportive high stretch blue leggings. They’re perfect for wearing to my pilates class as they feel like a second skin so I can move and flex without them getting in the way or feeling restrictive.

They’re silky soft but still super supportive, you feel as though these leggings have got your back whatever type of exercise you’re into. Even Jasper, my dog, thinks they look great on me!”

– Gemma, 34

We think that the benefits of Proskins activewear speak for themselves, and their growing reputation as a leading brand of gym leggings is more than deserved! If you’re interested in how Proskins can help you, take a look at the full Proskins collection here at Camille. Need to read up on Proskins a little more before you make your purchase?

Find out all about Proskins here.

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