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Are Nursing Bras & Maternity Bras The Same?

Are Nursing Bras & Maternity Bras The Same?

For the newly pregnant, understanding which kind of maternity and nursing bra you’re going to need can seem daunting, but we at Camille are here to help you understand what kind of bra you need, when you’ll need it, and most importantly why you’ll need it.

Are Nursing Bras & Maternity Bras The Same?First things first, nursing bras and maternity bras aren’t the same thing – though they’re often grouped together under the pregnancy & baby underwear umbrella. The difference is that a maternity bra is worn during pregnancy to offer proper support to your breasts as they grow in size, and a nursing bra is worn once your little one has arrived to aid with breastfeeding.

We know that on top of all the other things you have to prepare for during pregnancy and motherhood, you’re probably wondering are maternity bras necessary? Are nursing bras necessary? The answer is absolutely. Your breast health relies heavily upon having a bra that fits properly, and standard bras are simply not designed to comfortably or safely support breasts that are changing in size.

When To Get A Maternity Bra

Though you might not need a maternity bra right away, we actually recommend that you change the type of bra you’re wearing right away when you find out you’re pregnant. Read our guide to maternity bras to find out which kind of bra we recommend you choose at each stage of your pregnancy.

Weeks 1 – 17

Even from the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, your breasts can start to become more sensitive as they prepare for lactation. Why are maternity bras non wired? We recommend that you switch to a non wired bra as soon as you find out you’re pregnant so that your ordinary bra doesn’t dig into any sensitive breast tissue and trap any milk ducts as a result. Non wired bras can be just as supportive as wired bras, but they’ll be much gentler on breast tissue and will have more flexibility in them as your breasts grow in size. Browse some of the stylish non wired bras available from Camille to keep your bust properly supported during this early stage of your pregnancy.

Weeks 18 -28

By week 18, you might be finding that sleeping without a bra at night is becoming uncomfortable. While wearing a bra to sleep in might sound like it’s going to cause even more discomfort, there are in fact non wired bras that are specifically designed to be supportive yet comfortable while you sleep. Maternity sleeping bras are popular with women in this stage of their pregnancy, and from a breast health standpoint it’s much safer to keep your bust supported while sleeping to prevent blocked milk ducts which can become swollen and painful. Our collection of sleeping bras can help you get a good night’s sleep during this stage of your pregnancy!

Weeks 29 – 40

By the final stage of your pregnancy, your bra size is expected to have increased by around two band sizes and four cup sizes! It’s extremely important that you have a specifically designed maternity bra at this stage of pregnancy. Your breasts will be much larger and heavier than usual and you’ll therefore need greater support from the band and straps, as well as a larger and more flexible cup, to stay comfortable.

There are really only slight differences between maternity bras and nursing bras, so to make the transition between maternity and nursing even easier for you, many of our maternity bras also double as a nursing bra with the addition of either front fastening or clip on-off straps.


Once baby has arrived, the main function of your bra needs to be access for breastfeeding, but how should a nursing bra fit? Our nursing bras at Camille are designed in both non wired and wired styles – you’ll need to keep wearing a non wired nursing bra for the first few weeks of motherhood as your breasts adjust, but once they begin to reduce in size you can switch back to a wired nursing bra for additional support. As long as your breasts are properly supported and aren’t restricted in any way, you decide when to make the switch – you know the changes in your own breasts better than anyone!

Each of our nursing bras are fitted with easy drop down cup clips and many also offer a built in sling to support the breast while feeding. Choose from stylish nursing bras at Camille to get you back to feeling your fabulous best while breastfeeding your newborn.

To see a full selection of maternity bras and nursing bras, browse our Nursing Bras collection at Camille.

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