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Camille Beach Bag Essentials Guide

Beach Bag Essentials

Are you heading on a summer holiday this year? Have you started thinking about what you’ll need with you at the beach yet? Us neither! If feeling a little unprepared too, you’ll need our beach bag essentials guide to get caught up on all those must-have beach items to bring with you on your holiday this year.



The most important item in your beach bag, suncream is the one essential you simply cannot do without when heading to the beach. Your sun cream should be a high enough SPF to protect your skin in both direct and indirect exposure to the sun – and please never think that your poor skin is safe in the shade from an umbrella or a cover-up – that hot sun will find a way to sizzle your skin if you’re not careful!

Make sure that you take the bottle of suncream with you so you can re-apply at regular intervals, and if you’ve taken a dip in the water make sure that you top up whenever you’re back out of the water.


It’s also important that you protect your eyes while you’re on holiday – unfortunately the UK weather doesn’t leave us too well prepared for full on sunshine wherever we look, and the glare of the sun reflecting on the pool or the sea can cause our eyes some serious woe if they’re over exposed! Avoid any ocular aches and pains with a stylish pair of sunglasses.


We know you’re probably already planning on wearing your swimwear to the beach, so why would you need to take another set of swimwear with you? Well taking a dip in the sea is all fun and games until you need to do something other than dry off in the sun directly after! You may need some dry swimwear to change into if you don’t have time to wait for your current swimwear to dry out – plus what a great opportunity to show off multiple swimwear styles in one trip! Browse our swimwear styles at Camille for some inspiration…


Holiday cover ups are perfect for creating a little impromptu shade and protection from the sun when you need it most. While cover ups are by no means a long term solution, they can be perfect for protecting your skin from direct sunlight while walking to and from the beach (or to and from the bar!). Our women’s beachwear collection at Camille offers a multitude of holiday cover up styles for you to choose from including kaftans, sarongs and beach dresses.


Obviously you can’t keep anything that might melt in your beach bag, so save your pennies for a delicious ice cream while you’re there! If you’re planning a long day by the sea, however, you may find that you can’t live on ice lollies alone. Pop some non-meltable snacks in your bag such as biscuits or crisps to keep your stomach topped up until tea time.

Sun Hat

Another essential for protecting yourself against the sun’s rays, a sun hat is a necessity if you’re planning on spending any significant amount of time walking around or lounging in the sun. Your scalp is one area of the body that’s especially hard to cover with sun cream but that doesn’t mean it can’t burn just as easily! A sun hat will keep you looking fabulously stylish and your head protected.

Beach Footwear

A stroll barefoot along the sand sounds like a romantic idea, but in the midday heat it can be a very different story! Sand gets hot, and gets hot quickly, so we recommend popping a pair of sandals or flip flops in your beach bag to take with you to save you from doing a hop, skip and a jump to the sun lounger.

Finally, A Good Book

Lounging on the beach and taking the occasional dip in the pool is all well and good, but sometimes you just need a good book to pass the time! Some of the top reads we’ve spotted for summer 2018 include “Still Me” by Jojo Moyes, “The Wedding Date” by Jasmine Guillory, and “Love Rules” by Joanna Coles – each nice and easy reads for a luxuriously lazy read on the sand.


For more tips about packing all your beach and poolside essentials for your summer holiday from Camille, browse our Camille Holiday Shop.

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