Top 5 Nightwear Picks for Summer

Top 5 Nightwear

It’s finally starting to look as though summer is here! You may be finding that your winter and spring nightwear is getting a little on the warm side, but don’t worry! This is the perfect time to invest in some gorgeous new nightwear ready for the summer so you can enjoy keeping cool in the sheets in style this year.

The Importance of Summer Nightwear

Whether you’re home or away this summer, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right women’s summer nightwear with you to be able to get your beauty sleep. If your nightwear is too warm or restrictive you can not only cause yourself to have an interrupted night’s sleep, but you may end up dehydrated and feeling far from your best when you wake up.


How Can Camille Help?

Each of our summer women’s nightwear styles at Camille are designed to offer you a choice a comfortable and stylish nightwear options that you’ll be racing home to change into for a chilled summer’s evening after work or a long day out and about enjoying the sunshine.


Camille’s Summer Nightwear

With so many women’s nightwear picks to choose from in our collection, you may be wondering where to start! We’ve put together a quick list of our top 5 nightwear picks for summer to help you in the right direction this summer. Take a look through our suggestions to see which of our summer women’s nightwear options are right for you…


Summer Satin

Discover our selection of satin nightwear at Camille. Satin is perfect for keeping you cool in the warm weather, with the added bonus of having a truly luxurious feel. If you’re wanting a blissful night’s sleep in style, satin pyjamas or a satin nightdress could be the perfect choice for you this summer, or perhaps choose a satin dressing gown for a cooling and luxury way to relax around the house in the heat.

Stylish Summer Chemise

If you’re looking for nightwear that easily translates to loungewear for stylish comfort on a relaxed evening or lazy morning, a chemise from Camille may be perfect for you. Our chemise selection at Camille offers you a choice of short sleeved or strappy chemise styles depending on your preference. Perfect for relaxing around the home with an evening glass of wine in hand or enjoying breakfast on your hotel balcony while on holiday, a summer chemise from Camille offers you cooling comfort and luxurious style whenever you need it.

Flowing Summer Nightdresses

One of the most cooling nightwear options at Camille are our nightdresses. Just like wearing a cooling sundress to bed, each of our nightdresses are made from breathable cotton to ensure that your body can breathe and move easily while you rest. Our women’s nightdresses at Camille are available in a variety of lengths and sleeve options so you can choose the style of nightdress you’re comfortable with while knowing you can enjoy a cooling night’s sleep in comfort.

Summer Pyjamas

While we recommend that you keep your summer nightwear as free and flowing as possible, we understand that sometimes you just need the comfort of pyjamas! Our lightweight pyjamas are perfect for those that much prefer their nightwear to be a set of shorts and a top. Choose from breathable cotton summer pyjama sets with fun motifs that work just as well as loungewear around the house before, after and during bedtime.


For more women’s nightwear styling options this summer, browse our full collection of nightwear at Camille.

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