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Get Beach Ready: Holiday Prep

Woman Wearing a Straw Hat Sunbathing at the Edge of a Swimming Pool

It’s an unfortunate fact that as a result of spending most of our year in the gloomy UK weather, we’re simply not prepared when we head off on a summer holiday for the drastic change in climate. The truth is that packing your suitcase is only one small part of the holiday prep routine, and if you haven’t carefully considered all the beach beauty prep you’ll need to do before your jaunt abroad, you might end up causing yourself some serious pre-holiday stress!

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t let you go on holiday without being fully prepared. If you’ve got even a week spare before your holiday, our top holiday tips will keep you looking and feeling your best most beach-ready self!

Condition Your Hair

Hair Care

Your hair is probably used to the UK climate and therefore doesn’t require much conditioning beyond the usual routine, but abroad hair can very quickly dry out and leave you with frizzy hair, split ends and unruly tangles. One of our top beauty tips, giving your hair a serious overhaul in preparation for your holiday can go a long way to preventing the worst of the damage, so invest in a nourishing treatment for your hair in the run up to your holiday to give it the best shot at not becoming frazzled in the heat.

Sleep Light

While wrapping up snug in your favourite pyjamas works at home, in the holiday heat your long sleeve pyjamas are a recipe for a bad night’s sleep. Make sure that you pick out some light, summer nightwear from our nightwear collection – keep an eye out for strappy pyjamas with shorts and try to choose naturally cooling materials such as cotton for the dreamiest night’s sleep in the heat.

Wax On, Wax Off

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The timing of your pre-holiday wax is important – you want the redness to have settled down before you set off, but you still want to be able to enjoy the benefits for the duration of your holiday. We’d recommend waxing no later than a day before your holiday if you’re not tanning, and three days before if you are tanning to allow a day’s space between the wax and the tan! Voila, bronzed and smooth in time to hit the beach in style.

Must-Have Mani-Pedi

The manicurist paints the nails of women.

What better time to treat yourself to a mani-pedi than just before your holiday? Whether you’re wanting feature nails for days or a simple shape and polish, taking the time to have a pre-holiday manicure and pedicure will have you feeling a million dollars on the beach and by the pool, and is a great opportunity to rescue those poor post-winter feet while you’re at it!

Stylish Swimwear

A task not to be rushed, choosing the right swimwear can mean the difference between a holiday spent feeling relaxed and body confident or slinking around in the shade feeling less than your best. Our swimwear collection includes all kinds of women’s swimwear and beachwear styles perfect for serving up a little glamour in the sun – choose from fun bikini’s to flattering swimsuits and everything in between, make sure you try on a few different styles before you make your final decision, you might surprise yourself!

Faux Glow

Girls at the pool

If you’re not the type to embrace the pale look, self tanning is a great way to boost your confidence right before your holiday so you can enjoy that natural glow throughout the holiday and not just after! Consider how long your holiday is going to be when you’re choosing the shade of fake tan. If the holiday is going to be longer, choose one shade darker than you’d usually go for to make sure it lasts the whole holiday.

We hope that our holiday tips have given you all the inspiration you need to get on board with the pre-holiday beach beauty prep. Still need to pick up a few last minute holiday bits? Take a look at our Holiday Shop!

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