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Camille Guide: Buying Your First Bra

One of the key moments in a teenager’s life is buying your first bra, but you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with questions. How do you know when you’ll need one? What should you look for in a first bra? How do you measure for a first bra?

Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of that in our guide to buying your first bra. It should be a fun and exciting experience after all, and you don’t want to dampen the occasion by getting stressed out or feeling awkward!

You can read this guide through with your mum, a close female relative, or even just a good friend who’s keen to help you out – or you can study up on buying your first bra yourself if you’re feeling super independent.

How To Know When You Need A Bra

This can be a tricky one to figure out, since you might not need one even if your friends are already wearing a bra. Everyone develops at different times and different rates, but usually you should consider buying a bra for the first time if you’ve noticed that your breasts are moving around when you’re running or if your nipples are starting to show through your clothes. It’s a very personal choice, but if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable and in need of some support, it could be time to consider a teen bra.

It’s important that you start with a teen bra instead of diving right in with the adult bras – adult bras typically offer stronger support and can actually restrict or disrupt the growth of teen breasts if they’re still developing.

What Kinds of Teen Bras Are Available?

First bras don’t often look like the full adult versions. They’re designed specifically for developing breasts that perhaps aren’t fully grown yet. You’ll usually find that teen bras look a little more like crop tops, or are designed in a bra shape but without a restricting cup or underwire – a bit like a sports bra. We don’t recommend wired bras for teens, again so that you aren’t restricting the natural growth of the breast tissue.

How To Measure For Your First Bra

Sometimes it’s easier to make an appointment to get measured for a bra, especially when it’s your first time. Measuring for a first bra is a little different as the priority is finding something that will be flexible for growth!

Lots of guides online will tell you to measure around your bust at nipple level to get your cup size and underneath the bust to get your band size, but when it comes to teen bras it’s often better to buy a selection of A and B cup sizes and try them on to see which is more comfortable. All you need to do is measure around the area directly underneath your bust to get your band size, then try out a few different cup sizes.

How Do I Know My First Bra Fits Properly?

There are a few things you’ll need to look out for when you’re trying to work out if your teen bra fits properly. Put on the bra that you feel fits you best, stand in front of a mirror and check for the following problems…

    • Cups have creases in or look baggy
      Your cup size is a bit too big – not to worry! Try a smaller cup on for size.
    • Breasts keep falling out of the cups
      Your cup size is a little bit too small – a teen bra should lie flat on your breasts and cover around two thirds of the area.
    • Bra straps keep rubbing your shoulders
      The band size may be a little too big, take a look at your measurements again and try a band size down.
    • Cups are cutting into the breasts
      The cup is a little on the small side, you’ll need a slightly larger cup so it rests flat against your breast without pushing into it.
    • The band keeps riding up your back
      You might have adjusted the straps a bit too tight, loosen them off and see if that helps. If the band still rides up, try a smaller band size.

You can find more bra fitting tips in our Camille bra fitting guide, but bear in mind that this advice is for adult bras, so the advice may vary slightly!

Where Can I Shop For My First Bra?

We’ve got a great selection of teen bras right here at Camille for you to choose from. Our starter bras are comfortable to wear, but also importantly are fun to wear! Choose from our modern and feminine teen bra designs and enjoy your first bra!

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