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Easy At-Home Gym Tips To Get You Motivated Again

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We’ve all been there, your grand plans to have your summer bod ready and raring to go by July all sounded great in January, but summer is here and you’re left wondering where the time went!

It’s not too late to make good on your resolution, though. Whether you’ve abandoned your fitness plan completely or you’re just feeling like your motivation has trickled away, we’ve got some easy at-home gym tips to get you feeling motivated again in no time!

Working out at home can be great for those just starting out on the fitness journey, or those that find it difficult to fit a trip to the gym in their routine! All you’ll need are a few simple workout items, the right activewear, and a willingness to get back on the workout wagon!

Here are our top tips for bringing back the motivation for your home gym routine.

1) Start Off Small

Don’t pressure yourself into a full, intensive workout routine. Why not pick a simple exercise that targets an area you want to focus on first and work on building the amount of reps each day? Exercises like tricep dips or ab crunches are perfect for starting off small, and eventually you can add another exercise into the routine, and another, and another…

2) Look The Part, Feel The Part

Dressing for success doesn’t just apply to the office. Making sure that you’re wearing the right activewear can provide a much needed boost to your confidence as well as your motivation. Our activewear collection at Camille is designed to offer you a range of comfortable and flexible activewear options from sports bras to camisole tops, activewear leggings to gym shorts and even lightweight vests and t-shirts. Ensuring that you feel comfortable and supported in your activewear can make a huge difference to your performance and your motivation to start moving.

3) Make A Plan

Without a written plan, it’s way too easy to simply skip a day and promise you’ll pick it up the day after…which of course you won’t do. If you make yourself a schedule, you’ll find it much easier to make regular exercise a part of your routine. It can be as detailed as you like – a full workout plan or just a promise to spend a certain amount of time exercising. For additional motivation, you could even work out a reward system to keep yourself invested!

4) Support Yourself

Our Proskins activewear collection is a particularly supportive choice of activewear, tested by athletes and designed for everyone who’s invested in their fitness performance. Working out is, at its core, about taking better care of your body, and what better way to support that than with activewear that properly supports your body for healthy movement and works to make your exercise routine even more enjoyable.

5) Invest In Essential Equipment

Sure, you can complete you workout on the floor without any gym equipment whatsoever, and we aren’t suggesting that you build a home gym if you don’t have the space for that, but a few simple items of exercise equipment can go a long way towards ensuring that you have an effective and impactful workout. We recommend getting a workout mat to keep yourself comfortable, a couple of small weights, a resistance band and, if you have somewhere to store it, an exercise ball. These few items really expand the list of activities you can engage in at home and will have you seeing results much quicker than if you were planning on working without them.

6) Don’t Take It So Seriously!

Unless you’re a serious athlete training towards a goal, working out should be fun and feel good before anything else. Find something you love doing, whether it’s hitting a certain amount of crunches a day or having a 30 min yoga session and keep doing it so long as it’s fun. If it stops being fun, change it up and try something else! Just keep moving, and you’ll find that your motivation follows naturally.

Keep an eye on our activewear and Proskins collections at Camille to spot any new arrivals that may help you stay motivated!

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