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Essential Underwear Every Woman Needs

As much as we wish it were true, the fact is that there’s no such thing as one set of lingerie that works for all occasions. Chances are that, over time, you’ve acquired all kinds of different bras and briefs, matching or otherwise, and you’re wondering if all of them are really that necessary.

Everyone enjoys a good tidy out of their wardrobe, and the same can be done with your lingerie drawer to leave you with a few essential underwear items that will get you through any kind of situation. With your underwear drawer organised and filled with lingerie designed to make you look your best, you’ll banish the frenzy of trying to find the right underwear in a rush next time you get ready!


Ideal for those lazy days where you just can’t drag yourself away from watching a boxset on the sofa, having comfortable underwear to hand is a must. When it comes to comfortable lingerie, you can’t do any better than a pair of boy short briefs and a non wired bra. Flexible yet snug and supportive, these essential underwear items are great for unparalleled comfort when you need it most.


During the working week, you need essential underwear to hand that you can just reach in your drawer for and put on without too much hassle before your morning coffee. We suggest having a healthy supply of midi briefs and t-shirt bras available so even if you’re still bleary eyed while getting ready, you know that your selection of classics bras and briefs will make your outfit look great and keep you feeling comfortable during the daily grind.


If you’ve got a hot date coming up or just want to surprise your partner with a romantic evening, another underwear essential is sexy lingerie. Typically this involves boosting your assets to their best advantage and revealing as much skin as possible, so a push up bra and a few choice thongs in your lingerie collection are essential if you’re wanting to achieve this effect…


Some outfits require a little illusion. If you have a particularly revealing outfit such as a strapless or tight fitting dress, you’ll want to create the effect of wearing no underwear at all, while of course wearing underwear for that essential support! Having lingerie in your drawer that can create this effect is simple, all you need is a strapless or adhesive bra, and a pair of seam free briefs to make sure you have no visible straps or lines underneath your outfit.


Sometimes support has to come before all else. For occasions when you need a little extra support from some women’s shapewear, control briefs are an essential underwear pick. Or perhaps you’re looking for extra support while you’re at the gym? Sports bras are essential in achieving the proper support for your bust while working out. While you might not wear these essential underwear items all the time, you’ll regret not having them in your lingerie drawer when the time comes!

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