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Camille Wedding Must Haves: Top 6 Lingerie & Nightwear For The Big Day

Bride getting ready for her wedding day

It has long been a tradition for the bride to invest in brand new wedding lingerie and bridal nightwear in preparation for the big day. While modern brides perhaps don’t know about the origin of this tradition, the thrill of buying or being gifted these special lingerie and nightwear items are still a popular way to celebrate the transition from Miss to Mrs.

Here at Camille, our lingerie and nightwear collections are full of beautiful pieces that are perfect for treating a special bride-to-be in your life, or for a bride-to-be to treat herself! Whether you’re looking for luxury lingerie or satin nightwear, you’re sure to find plenty of wedding-worthy options here at Camille.

What Is Trousseau Day?

Once a staple tradition of wedding festivities, trousseau day was an opportunity for female relatives to put together a bridal kit containing everything she may need in her new life with her partner. In this trousseau (which often took the form of a luxury piece of luggage), items such as luxury lingerie and nightwear, silk and lace items, and key pieces of fashion such as gloves and jewellery.

In recent years, this tradition has seen a resurgence. While many brides were already investing in wedding lingerie and bridal nightwear, the tradition of investing in or being gifted indulgent goodies ahead of the wedding is becoming part and parcel of the bridal experience.

Why Buy Wedding Lingerie?

Some of you may be wondering why buy wedding lingerie at all? The focus of the day will be on your wedding dress, but if you have your old favourite comfy bra and knickers on you’re probably not going to feel half as princess-like as if you had invested in a luxury lingerie set for the big day!

Our women’s lingerie collection at Camille includes a huge range of bridal-appropriate lingerie from bras and matching knickers to more seductive numbers such as babydolls suitable for taking on the honeymoon, so make sure to take a good look around for those must-have wedding lingerie pieces!

Why Choose Bridal Nightwear?

Even if you’re planning on spending the night of your wedding on the dancefloor rather than elsewhere, when you do eventually leave your guests behind you want to keep that sense of occasion going with some bridal nightwear. Going from your wedding dress to your comfy nightie is going to feel like a real comedown, so why not treat yourself to something like satin nightwear to keep you feeling special all through the night!

Our Top 6 Bridal Lingerie & Nightwear Picks

A Lace BraWoman in Camille brand lace bra

Lace is the order of the day when it comes to your wedding, so if you’re looking for the perfect bra to suit the occasion, look for bras such as our Rhapsody White Lace Underwired Bra that heavily feature lace patterns while offering gentle support underneath your dress.

Matching Lace Briefs

Woman wearing Camille brand briefs

Whether you’re planning on wearing a bra with your wedding dress or not, having matching lace knickers or simply some lace briefs to wear on their own on your wedding day is another great way to tie your lingerie in with the wedding theme and make you feel special right from the start of the day when you’re getting ready. Something like our Ivory Floral Lace Briefs would be perfect for the occasion.

Bridal ShapewearWoman wearing Camille brand body

Depending on what kind of wedding dress you’re planning on wearing, you may feel as though you could benefit from some shapewear to keep you feeling confident with your figure all throughout the day. We offer beautiful bridal-worth shapewear options such as our Floral Lace Shapewear Body that will support key areas of your figure for a gorgeous silhouette on your wedding day.

Bridal Dressing Gown

Woman wearing Camille brand Wrap Gown

One aspect of your day you may not have considered is getting ready on the morning of the wedding. If you’re wearing a strapless dress or a wedding dress with a non-traditional neckline, wearing a bra on the morning of your wedding is a huge no-no. Staying in your pyjamas can also cause problems later down the getting-ready line if you’ll need to pull a pyjama top or a nightie over your head once your hair and makeup have been done. Instead, we recommend that you wear a bridal dressing gown such as our Bridal Lace Edged Ivory Wrap on the morning of your wedding that you can take off with minimal disruption and won’t leave any unpleasant strap marks or lines on your arms and shoulders. Plus, you can wear it to breakfast with the family the next day too!

Silk Chemise

Woman wearing Camille brand Chemise

Wedding-up your nightwear with a silk chemise such as our Bridal Lace Edged Chemise at Camille. Silk is a luxurious material that will keep you feeling extra special even when you’re heading for a well-deserved sleep after the big day, and of course, any chemise that features lace is certainly wedding appropriate. Rest up in style, you’ll need your strength for opening all of your wedding presents and eating leftover wedding cake after all!

Bridal Babydoll

Woman wearing Camille brand Babydoll

If you’re still planning on celebrating your wedding night in the -ahem- traditional fashion, you may want something a little more seductive to wear to bed. A babydoll works well as both an elegant piece of nightwear and a sultry addition to your lingerie collection. For that bridal twist, why not choose something like our Bridal Lace Ivory Babydoll from Camille?

We hope that we’ve left you inspired for your trousseau investments ahead of the big day! If you want to browse even more beautiful bridal options, see our full collections of lingerie and nightwear, featuring satin nightwear, at Camille.

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