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Top 5 Outfit Solutions from Camille

Woman in strapless dress on holiday

Have you ever bought your dream outfit, tried it on at home and realised you don’t have the right underwear to wear with it? We’ve been there! The good news is that here at Camille, we have a fabulous selection of outfit solutions ready and waiting to go so you can wear your dream outfit any time!

We’ve applied our expert underwear knowledge to a range of style scenarios in which you might need specialist underwear or shapewear, so if you’re struggling to find the right outfit solution, look no further that our top 5 outfit solutions from Camille.

Bodycon Fit

Woman wearing a black shapewear body from Camille

Women’s shapewear can be a real style saver that you can’t afford to miss out on. If you’ve chosen a dress in a bodycon fit but aren’t sure you feel entirely confident in the close fitting style, why not invest in a piece of shapewear to help you boost your confidence? Our shapewear at Camille offers you a variety of options, from full shapewear bodies that offer overall control and support, to shapewear tops and briefs which offer localised control and support to key areas.

Low Necklines

Three Types Of Camille Nipple Covers

Tops and dresses with a lower neckline can be tricky to style, especially if you aren’t comfortable wearing them without a bra. Bra accessories such as nipple covers can still provide the coverage you require without being intrusive or popping out from underneath your clothing!    

Strapless Neckline

Woman wearing a Camille Strapless Bra

There’s only one real solution for a strapless neckline, and that’s a strapless bra. Many strapless bras are actually multiway bras, which means that they operate as a normal bra would, except that the straps are detachable. So if you’re worried that you’re investing in a strapless bra that you’ll only wear occasionally, you may wish to consider a multiway bra instead.

Backless Style

Camille Invisible Bra

Until recently, backless tops and dresses were cause for alarm among women who didn’t want to go braless – but with the recent invention of bra accessories such as adhesive bras, you need never worry about choosing a backless outfit again! Simply attach the adhesive bra to your bust and pull the drawstrings to create the required amount of support and lift.   


Woman wearing seamless Camille Briefs

Ah, the dreaded visible panty line. Some materials show up the lines of your underwear really clearly, so choosing underwear or women’s shapewear such as control briefs can be the perfect solution to reduce the risk of VPN. Many of our control briefs at Camille are designed to be seamless, meaning you won’t be able to spot them even under the trickiest of tight fitting clothing!  

For even more handy outfit solutions, browse our full collection of lingerie, bra accessories and shapewear at Camille today!

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