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Camille’s Guide to Strapless Bras

how to wear a strapless bra, how to keep a strapless bra up


We’re now officially into summer, our jumpers have been put away for another year and our wardrobes are filled once more by spaghetti straps, light blouses, and off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. That means it’s time once again for the reemergence of one of our lingerie drawer staples: the strapless bra. Perfect for wearing underneath any clothing that bares your shoulders, having a trusty strapless bra in your arsenal means no more pesky bra straps ruining an outfit.

When it comes to strapless bras, there are a few tips and tricks to have up your sleeve. Here at Camille, we’ve created a guide to how to wear a strapless bra, including the crucial element: how to keep a strapless bra up!


How to keep a strapless bra up

how to wear a strapless bra, how to keep a strapless bra up

A well-fitting strapless bra is a must-have addition to every woman’s bra collection. However, one of the biggest issues some women have is how to keep theirs from slipping down throughout the course of the day. No-one wants to be hoiking their bra up every few moments but, without straps to help keep it up, some women can find this a common problem. So, when it comes to the issue of how to keep a strapless bra up, we’ve got some handy tricks for you to try:

Go down a band size

When it comes to buying a strapless bra, opt for a fit band size smaller than your usual bra size. While your cup size should stay the same, in order to compensate for the lack of straps that usually hold your bra up and in place, the band of your bra needs to be tighter than usual to act as a support under your bust. 

Choose the right band width for your bust size

The width of your bra’s brand can also play a large part. If you’re smaller busted, you may be able to opt for a bra with a regular band width. However, larger busted ladies may need to opt for a thicker band with more hook-and-eye clasps than usual in order to give your bust the support it needs.

Look for a bra with silicone lining or use adhesive tape

To help ensure your strapless bra stays in place all day, opt for a design that has a sticky silicone lining along the bottom of the cups and band that provides extra grip against your skin. You can also recreate this technique yourself by using double-sided fashion tape to keep your bra snugly against your chest.


How to turn a regular bra into a strapless one

If you’re in need of a quick outfit change or you don’t have your strapless bra to hand, one trick to have up your sleeve is to simply shorten your straps and neatly tuck them into your bra cups. However, while this is may be an effective method in the short term, it probably won’t offer your bust the support it needs.

Another option is to buy a bra with removable straps! At Camille, our multiway strapless bra can be worn in 5 different ways to suit any top your dress you own. Whether you need a halter style or strapless, with this type of bra you can simply remove and reattach your straps whenever you need.


Alternatives to strapless bras

how to wear a strapless bra, how to keep a strapless bra up

Strapless bras won’t work for every outfit; for those scoop-back tops or backless dresses that require even more discreet invisibility, an adhesive stick-on bra will be your new best friend. Simply stick each cup over your breasts for the perfect shape and that bit of extra support.

For larger-busted ladies who can’t forgo the support of straps, a bra with see-through straps could also be an ideal alternative.

Here at Camille, you can find a range of strapless bras to choose from that give you the discreet support, shape and coverage you need, leaving you free to wear any outfit you please! 







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