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How to Wear Stockings and Suspender Belts

A glamorous and traditional undergarment accessory, suspender belts are iconic pieces of fashion that will boost any woman’s confidence. Whether you choose to wear a suspender belt for the practicality of holding your stockings up, or if you just love their sultry appearance, this fashion choice is timeless.

From silk to lace pieces, there is a suspender belt to suit every style. A perfect gift for your other half to boost their confidence in the bedroom or a little treat for yourself, suspender belts are a winning choice that offers both beauty and luxury. 

Whilst they may be an elegant underwear piece, for many women it can be daunting trying to figure out how to wear a suspender belt if they haven’t done so before. 

But, fear not! We have put together a handy and easy to follow guide that makes putting on a suspender belt easy!  

Step 1

It may sound simple, but firstly, choose your favourite underwear set. A pair that matches your suspender belt will achieve a sexy, irresistible look! 

This will also help with confidence if you find this is something you may sometimes struggle with. Feeling good in yourself will help you to stand tall and put out positive energy.

Step 2

Wear your suspender belt so that it sits on your natural waist, this is the lowest part of your torso. It shouldn’t feel awkward to wear, so make sure that its positioning feels natural to you. 

Step 3

Take care to secure your belt at the back with the hook and eye closure. Make sure the belt isn’t fastened too tight or too loose and feels comfortable on your waist. We advise that they are well-fitted for an exquisite fit!

Step 4

Next, slip on your favourite pair of stockings. We recommend that you avoid ‘stay-ups’, these stockings have a silicone band around the thigh that is designed to hold them up. Whilst they may seem like the easier option, we have found that due to the thicker upper band, it can be quite difficult to attach suspenders.

Instead, opt for a silky smooth pair that make your legs look and feel great. 

Step 5

Before attaching your suspenders, sit down and relax. This will ensure they are attached at a natural and comfortable height. 

Step 6

Find the suspender clips at the bottom of the belt straps and carefully open them. On an average suspender belt, there should be four in total, two to the front and two to the rear. 

However, some suspender belts are available with 6 or more straps, these are ideal for prolonged, everyday wear. 

Step 7

Begin with the front straps before starting on the back. Gently place the top of the stocking between the suspender clip, ensuring that the silicone part of the clip sits on the inside of your stocking. 

Step 8

Gently, pull down the clip and place the loop part of the clip over the silicone knob. 

Step 9

Pull the clip upwards ensuring the silicone knob and caught-up fabric are stuck in the narrow end of the clip. After this, take a few steps and ensure your belt feels and fits comfortably.

Step 10

Finally, enjoy your practical and sultry look with your perfectly fitting suspender belt! 

Now that you have the full rundown on how to wear your suspender belt and stockings, you can have fun exploring the wide range of suspender belts that we have at Camille!

Our Tips For Wearing a Suspender Belt

From narrow belts to wider, high-waisted styles, choosing a suspender belt that you feel most comfortable in is a fun process. Whether you wear a suspender belt for the practicality of holding up stockings or for the stylish luxury they make you feel, treat yourself to a refresh of your underwear drawer today. 

When it comes to finding the perfect style for you, it can be confusing to decipher which would work best for your body and intended use. If you’re looking for a suspender belt for everyday wear, then opt for a four or six strap design to ensure your stockings don’t slip out of place.

For optimal comfort during a long day at the office, why not layer your briefs over the top of the suspender belt as opposed to the other way around? 

Plus, don’t be afraid to adjust your suspender belt straps throughout the day to suit your activities. For example, make the straps longer if you are going to be sitting down a lot or adjust them shorter if you will be standing. 

By following these simple tips, you will fall in love with your suspender belt, again and again, every day that you wear it! 

Why a Suspender Belt?

For many women, a suspender belt is a part of their fashion style and sense, whereas for others it can be a rare treat to make you feel sensual and beautiful. But why do we feel so elegant when we wear them?

To answer this question, we have to consider the equally as alluring garter belt. 

Garters have been worn by both men and women since before the 14th century, however, over time they evolved to become a distinctly female accessory.  Glamourised by popular dances like the cancan, these teasing shows shaped their erotic connotations. 

From garters, suspender belts were born in the 1920s. Designed as a liberating undergarment choice, women were no longer bound by tight-fitting corsets to hold up their stockings. 

However, change came again as women’s fashion evolved to reflect sexual liberation and confidence. As hemlines rose, tights were invented to compliment these changes and the stunning suspender belt fell out of fashion. 

Fast forward to the 1980s and 90s when the rise of underground burlesque and rockabilly culture soared in popularity. Traditional clothing choices flooded back into the pages of Vogue, and with them, suspender belts were back offering a back to basics feminine style. 

Now, suspender belts are a sign of glamour and effort, making the appearance of one seem like a special occasion in itself. With this background, is there any wonder why a woman in a suspender belt is so irresistible? 

A suspender belt may be the boost of confidence you needed in the bedroom to make yourself feel confident and sexy. Or, they can make for the perfect gift to give your partner to remind them how desirable they are to you. 

Whatever your intentions are for buying a suspender belt, whether it be for function or fashion, choose a glamorous undergarment accessory from Camille today!Why not explore our full lingerie range to complete the gift?

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