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The Camille Guide to Finding the Right Underwear

For many, our underwear drawers are filled with pieces that we either think look pretty or are the most comfortable to wear. However, it is often too late when we realise that we needed a very specific underwear choice for that particular bodycon dress or strapless top and we are left in a panic trying to find anything that will do!  

At Camille, we have put together an all-you-could-need guide to finding the right underwear for all occasions and outfits. These are lingerie pieces that we think you should always have to hand to ensure you’re always looking and feeling your best. 

Say goodbye to harsh lines and unsightly straps and remember; practical underwear doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy! 

Hiding Straps with an Invisible Bra 

Wearing a strapless dress or top elongates your neck, highlights collar bones and frames the sensual slope of your shoulders, but this look can be a nightmare for people who hate going braless! For one reason or another, many of us don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without some kind of support. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on these stylish and sexy outfits. 

The Strapless Bra

If it’s just straps you’re trying to hide, then choose a classic strapless bra! Like any normal bra, they fasten with hook-eye closures at the back, but they tend to have a wider band to add extra support. They are also available with thin silicone edging around the top of the cups in order to ensure they stay in place.

Plus, a strapless bra often still comes with detachable straps, so you can make the most out of these comfortable bras by wearing it both ways. 

The Multiway Bra

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The multiway bra does exactly what it says! A similar design to a strapless bra with silicone edging and a wider band, a multiway bra comes with detachable straps which you can wear in a multitude of different ways. 

If you’re wearing a racerback top, wear the straps crossed over at the back. With a halter neck, simply use one strap attached to the front of the bra in the same fashion. 

The Backless Bra 

A dress with a plunging back is a sensual look but leaves us limited for what bra options we have. At Camille, we think the best solution for this style is a truly strapless and backless bra! An adhesive, stick-on bra is the ultimate choice for complicated tops and dresses. 

With simple self-adhesive cups, a backless bra will offer some support without any straps. However, if you have a fuller bust and rely on total support, this may not be the option for you. We recommend trying out a stick-on bra at home before the big night you’re planning your outfit for, just to make sure you feel totally comfortable.

Elongate Your Legs with High-Leg Knickers

For a look to elongate your legs, choose a pair of high-leg knickers for the ultimate flattering pair! Perfect to wear with skirts and dresses that have a thigh-high slit you needn’t worry about any unsightly brief lines with a high-leg thong. 

Plus, high-leg knickers are a sensual option which elongates the legs for a sexy look both in and out of clothes. If you have a classic ‘apple’ shape, high-leg thongs will lengthen your legs, pinch in your waist and flatter your bottom.

If you’re in love with this style, explore high-waisted underwear for a similarly flattering look. 

Flatter and Shape with Control Underwear 

Every woman’s secret weapon, shapewear is the ultimate underwear choice to smooth and flatter your curves in all the right places. However, for some women, it can be overwhelming deciding which type of control underwear is going to be the best choice for your outfit. 

We have picked out the most popular styles to give you a brief lowdown of how they should be worn!

The Shapewear Dress

A shapewear dress is best worn under a bodycon or figure-hugging dress to smooth and flatter your silhouette. It removes any visible lines that you may be left with from bras and briefs and also hides areas which may otherwise be highlighted by tight dresses or skirts. 

The shaping dress will smooth your back, tummy, underarms and bottom to give you a flawless silhouette and the confidence to flaunt any style! 

Some women may avoid a full shapewear dress if they think it will be too much material or too hard to hide. But, as long as you shop around for the perfect style, you can find shapewear dresses with thin straps and necklines cut below the bra to ensure your shaping dress is invisible. 

Control Underwear

A staple piece for any woman’s underwear drawer, a pair of tummy control pants are a gift on days when we’re not feeling our best. 

Whether you’re wearing a dress, skirt or trousers, control underwear will slim your tummy, hug your sides and flatter your bottom for an irresistible shape. A pair of tummy control pants will take you from day to night, whether you wear them to the office or for a night of socialising, they are a woman’s best friend! 

Unlike a shapewear dress, control underwear is better suited for wearing under trousers or jeans and eliminate the need for multiple layers. For even more support, choose shapewear shorts, which also sculpt the thighs.

Plus, you can explore high-waisted control briefs and thong shapewear to achieve a perfect hourglass figure and sensual curves.

When you think of control underwear, you might instantly think of Bridget Jones and her ‘really big knickers’, but remember, control underwear can be sexy! Explore lacy picks from our collection at Camille today. 

Look Your Best with Under Slips for Dresses

You may wonder why we have even included underslips in this underwear guide, but we want to enlighten you on their flattering and sexy qualities. 

Like a shapewear dress, an underslip will ensure your clothes hang perfectly off your frame. Whether you choose a camisole, underskirt or full slip, it will put an essential layer of material between your clothing and body to improve the shape for your outfit. 

They put a stop to dresses and skirts clinging to your skin or from riding up every time you sit down. 

Plus, a sexy chemise is becoming an ever-popular style both in and out of the bedroom. Its chic, vintage connotations have crept back into fashion and offer a sensual look for bedtime!

Now that you have had a full run-down on the must-have pieces of lingerie, we hope that you have found the confidence to wear any kind of outfit and style that you desire, explore lingerie pieces you may not have considered before and get daring with your outfit choices. 

Look and feel your best with fashion-forward and comfortable lingerie from Camille today!

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