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The Camille Guide to Activewear

Finding the right clothing to wear to keep active can be a tricky task when you’re not sure where to start. With so many options, brands and fabrics on the market, it can be overwhelming for many women to find stylish and comfortable activewear pieces, which you know will be right for you. 

Which is why at Camille, we have stripped it back to bring you a basic guide to activewear! Whether you’re a gym-bunny, go ga-ga for yoga or just love a relaxing run, then we have the perfect pieces to suit you.

What to Wear to Yoga 

Yoga is a relaxing, meditative form of exercise, which stretches your body and eases your mind. For a successful yoga session, it is important to ensure you wear the right clothing that you’re able to move comfortably in. 

Choose Cotton 

When browsing through activewear options, always look for a breathable fabric first. Options like cotton and jersey are the perfect activewear choices for yoga as they won’t cause you to overheat on your yoga mat. 

Which Top?

Next, think about what kind of top you should choose. We recommend a form-fitting option that isn’t too tight or binding! You don’t want any excess fabric that will lift over your face or bunch around your arms and waist as you twist and turn. But you also don’t want the top to be too tight so that there is no movement in the fabric. 

Before beginning your yoga routine, try practicing a range of your standard poses and movements to ensure your top will work for you in the classroom. 

Yoga Pants 

Before they were an everyday fashion staple, yoga pants were just that. Leggings may be a popular choice, but we recommend a more classic, slightly fitted style. 

Why not opt for a pair of bell-bottom yoga pants which will move with your body as they need to, be weightlessly comfortable and also flattering to have you looking and feeling your best?

Our Tips for Feeling Your Best at Yoga 

If you’re an avid yoga enthusiast, then you may want to invest in some yoga socks to get the most out of your sessions. These yoga accessories stop feet from slipping on mats and help you to maintain your balance. They’re a lifesaver for high-intensity classes especially.

Just like your yoga clothes are important, it’s a good idea to find the right yoga mat to help you. Your usual yoga class may supply mats, but it’s nice to have your own if you would prefer to practice at home or even take your yoga session outdoors when the sun is shining! 

Yoga mats usually vary in thickness, so take the time to find one which will support tender knees, elbows and hands. 

What to Wear to the Gym 

When it comes to dressing for the gym, many women make the mistake of prioritising looking good over health and safety. For example, ill-fitting clothing can cause rashes, itchy skin and even more serious injuries as it shifts with your body’s movements. 

But at Camille, we don’t see why you can look good and be your most comfortable when it comes to activewear! 

T-Shirts and Vests 

The perfect gym top is subjective to what kind of workouts you do and what you feel most comfortable in. But we find a good place to start is with a loose-fitting, lightweight t-shirt or vest.

Whether you prefer cardio, weight-training or a combination of the two, a lightweight top will keep you cool and give you enough movement to get the most out of your workout. 

Plus, with a t-shirt or a vest, you can cover or reveal as much skin as you like. Bare your arms or midriffs with sleeveless and cropped designs available in a wide range of styles. 

Gym Leggings

Like which top you choose, your bottom choice depends on what you feel most comfortable in. We recommend gym leggings as a smart go-to option for workouts, as they’re suitable for all exercise forms. 

Unlike yoga pants, a pair of gym leggings have a slim fit which means there is no excess fabric that could potentially get caught up in an exercise machine. If you do prefer a looser pair of pants, then opt for elasticated cuffs to improve your health and safety at the gym. 

If leggings aren’t for you, and you don’t mind showing some skin, then why not try a pair of cycling shorts? With the same high-quality materials available as gym leggings, shorts are a great option for light-weight clothing that will wick sweat away from the skin.

Always Choose Appropriate Footwear

A lot of people think that any old pair of trainers will do the job for the gym, but in order to fully support both your feet and body, you may want to put in a little bit more thought. 

If you prefer cardio, then try some running shoes, as these will be most comfortable for you to stand in on the different machines and best for a treadmill. 

For weight-training, take the time to find a pair of shoes which offer a great deal of arch and ankle support. These are the areas of your foot which will be put under the most strain while you’re lifting heavy weights!

What to Wear for a Run 

If you prefer a run to keep yourself in shape, whether it be a leisurely jog or a full sprint, we have the perfect activewear solution to suit you!

Summer Runs

Classic running attire is a staple look, perfect for the warmer months. You will want to choose a comfortable sports bra to provide ample support whether you run or jog, and you can decide whether you cover it or not! Many women wear a sports bra as a crop top and don’t feel the need to wear anything over the top. 

However, if you feel more comfortable with an extra layer, then choose a breathable t-shirt or vest to keep covered. 

Choose bottoms similar to what you would wear to the gym, classic leggings or shorts. Just make sure that you have a pair you feel comfortable in and have the most flexibility to move in. 

Running in the Colder Months 

A lot of people misjudge how much their bodies will naturally heat up as they run. So, when you’re going to brave the winter months for your usual work out, don’t overcompensate!

Layer your usual running top with a zip-up jacket, this way you can easily switch between having it closed or open during your run depending on how you feel. 

You can also switch your running leggings for a thicker pair of jogger bottoms, as most runners feel these are the most comfortable to run in. 

If you feel the cold easily, or the weather outside is nearly freezing, then why not try a jersey all-in-one to layer over your usual activewear ensemble? These onesies are more than just loungewear and offer versatile and comfortable activewear options to keep you going even on the coldest days. 

As always, no matter what the weather, we recommend finding a good pair of running shoes that will have you feeling light on your feet and choose a water bottle you can carry with ease. We hope that our activewear guide has given you the best advice on what to wear for your favourite exercise! Why not get started transforming your wardrobe today with a selection from our range of activewear and sports bras available now?

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