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How to Wind Down

In a time when it feels almost impossible to relax, we at Camille want to help you wind down and enjoy a quiet moment of peace. With so much threatening your peace of mind, we could all benefit from taking some time to work on ourselves and push out any negative energies. This is why we have put together our best tips that will help you with how to wind down! 

Follow our guide today and discover our quick and effective tips to help you feel your best and most calm. 

How to Wind Down Before Bed

If winding down before bed is what you’re struggling with the most, then you have come to the right place. At Camille, we are experts at making you feel the most comfortable before bed through nightwear. In order to truly relax your mind before sleep, you need to relax your body too. And what better way to feel comfortable in bed, than with a cosy pair of pyjamas? 

If you’re struggling to wind down before bed due to anxiety, it has been suggested that grounding pressure may help you to wind down and relax enough to sleep. Choosing full pyjama sets or even onesies, will help ground your body during sleep by pushing it downwards. This process is known as “earthing” or “grounding,” and may have a deeply calming effect.

However, if it’s material that is causing you issues, then you may want to invest in satin nightwear. This will feel loose and airy on your body and relieve any feeling of suffocation that too many layers may cause. If your body feels light, then this will open the door for your mind to feel light as well, and you will be able to drift off to sleep a lot easier. 

How to Do Yoga Breathing Exercises 

Another way to help your body and mind to wind down, is to perform breathing exercises. It is suggested that deep breathing can help you discover your true essence, and in turn make you more in tune with your body. The flow of the steady in and out action of breathing stimulates a transformation in the body and mind, which helps to purify and cleanse.

Of course, breathing exercises are not just for the yoga mat. Here is a technique that you can do anywhere and at any time, whether it’s just before bed, first thing in the morning, or at your desk. 

  1. Begin by making sure you’re sitting comfortably. 
  2. Breath deeply in and out three times. 
  3. Next, close your left nostril with your thumb and breath in deeply through your nose. 
  4. Remove your thumb and cover the right nostril. 
  5. Exhale through your nose, keeping the nostril covered. 
  6. This time inhale deeply through your left nostril, keeping the right covered. 
  7. Then once again cover the left nostril and exhale through the right. 
  8. Repeat this process for 5 equal breaths. 
  9. Finish by breathing deeply in and out through your nose until you feel relaxed. 

This breathing exercise will help you to clear your sinuses and your mind, so whenever you’re starting to feel too tightly wound, take a moment to breathe.  Plus, you can repeat this process for as long as you feel necessary, and tailor it to your body. 

Enjoy Some Music 

There have been several studies in the past that prove listening to music is a sure way to help you relax and unwind. Whether it’s simply listening to the radio or trying your hand at an instrument yourself, listening to music is very therapeutic. This is why we suggest that you take the time to simply sit, relax and enjoy some of your favourite playlists. 

Why not spend some time putting together a dedicated ‘chill out’ playlist, and fill it with songs that you know help you to relax? Having a playlist ready to go means that as soon as you start to feel stressed, you have an easy way to wind down. 

Read a Book or Start a Diary 

Sometimes, the best way to unwind is to focus your mental energy on something else. Indulge in a good book and spend your evenings catching up on the fiction between the pages, instead of overworking your mind with trivial matters. 

A good book is the perfect activity before bed, on your break or even to start your day, so reduce stress in this calming way and elevate your mind at the same time. If fiction isn’t for you, then choose a book that will teach you a new skill and then you will have achieved more than one goal to be proud of. 

However, for some it can be hard to escape your own world for someone else’s story, and so we suggest starting a diary! By putting your own words to paper, you can help to pinpoint exactly why you’re feeling stressed and work through these emotions in a calming manner. 

By writing a diary entry a day, you can keep on top of your worries without them building up and consuming you. 

Stretch Your Legs 

Fresh air is a sure way to help your wind down and clear your mind. There’s a reason why so many people are addicted to running, and if you haven’t experienced the natural high it offers, then maybe it’s time to stretch your legs. Start slowly with a leisurely walk, or enjoy a simple jog and allow your mind to drift while you take in the sights around you. 

The more often you go out and build up your new running routine, you will see several benefits. Mentally, running is suggested to improve your frame of mind and help you to think more positively. Plus, after you have had a few sessions, you’ll physically feel better too! Why not combine our earlier tip of listening to music whilst on your run for the perfect way to unwind. For help getting started, we have a wide range of activewear available online now. You can also find several tips for at-home workouts and a full guide to activewear in our blog!

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