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The Ultimate Bra Care Guide

At Camille, we understand that when you find the right underwear, that looks amazing and makes you feel even better, that you want to keep it in as good condition for as long as possible. After all, finding the right styles and fit to suit you can actually be quite difficult, and so finding your perfect underwear match can feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. 

So, if you have a certain bra that fits you perfectly, has a gorgeous design and makes you feel like you’re winning at life, then you may want to take all of the necessary precautions to keep it in your life for as long as possible. The good news is, you have come to the right place. 

Here we have compiled the ultimate bra care guide, which will give you all of the necessary tips and tricks for how to look after your bras and keep them looking as good as new. 

How Long Does a Bra Last?

To start things off, let’s go over some of the basics, for example how long a bra should actually last? This question is a good indication of whether you’re not looking after your bras properly and sending them into early retirement. 

But, it is not actually a straightforward question with an obvious answer. In fact, the answer is depending on a few different factors. For example, how many bras you have in rotation can affect how long they last. With more bras to pick and choose between, you should be able to hold onto your collection for a while longer before you need to start replacing different pieces. It can also depend on the quality of the bras that you own. Of course, a very cheap bra is not going to last as many wears as a high-quality bra that is made to last longer. 

Typically, a bra that is on the cheaper side and not properly looked after should last around 6 months, but a quality bra that is looked after can survive in your collection for around 2 years, and even longer still. To extend the life of your favourite bra, all you need to do is use a little extra love and care.

Alternate Your Bras

As we’ve previously mentioned, if you have a larger bra collection with a few options to alternate, then this is an easy way to make sure they last longer. By having more than one bra to wear on a daily basis, then you’re giving each of you bras a chance to ‘rest’ between wears. This gives the textile fabrics a chance to recover, and this is even more important for bras which contain elastane. 

Elastane in bras prevent them from losing their shape, but even this won’t retain its shape forever. This is why the elastane needs the chance to rest and contract between uses. A night between wears is simply not enough, and really your bra should be given a couple of days to rest. You will know if your bra has stretched out and it’s time to retire it when it feels too big even when fastened by the innermost hook and eye fastening. 

An extra tip for buying your bras is to make sure it only fits on the last hook and eye fastening. As the elastane wears over time you can fasten to the tighter hook closure to get the most life out of your bra. If you’re buying bras that already need to be fastened by the tightest fastening, then this bra is too big for you. 

How to Store Your Bras Correctly 

Another way to keep your bras in good condition is to make sure that you’re storing them correctly. Your bras can’t just be tossed into a drawer like a pair of balled-up socks, and there is actually a best practice way that they should be kept. 

Begin by fastening your bras at the back and tucking down the straps. Next, lay them on the flat surface of your underwear drawer and begin to lay them on top of each other, all in the same direction. This is especially important if you prefer moulded cups in your bras, as they will be able to support each other and retain their shapes. 

Plus, by storing your bras in this way, you will be able to clearly see which bras you have and they won’t tangle or get squashed together. If you’ve ever wondered why high-end boutiques lay their bras out like this instead of using hangers, then this is why!

How to Wash A Bra

Finally, one of the most important tips we have for how to take care of your bras is how to wash it correctly. We also need to stress to you that your bra doesn’t need to be and shouldn’t be washed after every wear. This will wear out the bra sooner than is necessary, and we actually advise that you wash your bra after every 2 to 3 uses. However, if you have a bra that has silicone edging, like a strapless bra, then this should be washed more regularly as sweat can degrade the silicone material after time. 

Your bra should come with some washing advice on its care label, but another important tip you should remember is to never put a bra with underwire into the washing machine. Generally, only bralettes and non-wired bras are safe to be machine washed. As bras are so delicate, we recommend that you take the time to hand wash them correctly, and you can follow our guide below. 

How to Hand Wash A Bra

  1. Firstly, fill your sink or a basin with lukewarm water. Hot water can do further damage to the elasticity of your bra. 
  2. Add your washing detergent of choice to the water, but we recommend that you use a product specifically designed for use on delicate items. 
  3. Soak your bras in the water for up to one hour. 
  4. After you feel the bras have sufficiently soaked, rinse any excess liquid from your lingerie carefully. Do not wring out or stretch your bras to do this!
  5.  Pat dry your bras and reshape any moulded cups as necessary. 
  6. Finally, simply hang out your bras to dry. Do not ever put them into a tumble dryer. 

Loving Your Bras

Now that you have read through our full guide on how to take care of your bra, you can look forward to getting the most out of your favourite lingerie pieces. No more will you have to throw away your favourite bra after only a few months, if you follow our simple and easy advice. Explore our collection of bras and lingerie available at Camille today, and discover staple pieces to add to your collection.

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