Trend Alert: Matching Nightwear

Now more than ever, a lot of us are spending more and more time in nightwear and loungewear. With nowhere to go, we are trading busy night outs for comfy evenings in, and nightwear has grown exponentially in popularity as a result. As well as being a bit more selective and conscious of the new nightwear you fill your drawers with. Even those of us who used to be happy with a too-big t-shirt and mismatched PJ bottoms are opting instead for matching sets. 

But here at Camille, we have noticed a new trend growing in popularity which we think will transform how you celebrate doing nothing. If you’re someone who loves getting dressed up to go out, sticking to dress codes, and catching up with friends on what they’re wearing, then keep reading. The matching nightwear trend is popular, and we predict that it’s only going to get bigger. Made popular for the festive season, we believe that matching your nightwear with your family or friends shouldn’t be limited to just one night a year. Instead, why not celebrate all manners of occasions with a cosy night in, tower of cushions, and a pyjama photoshoot? 

To get you inspired, we have put together some of our favourite looks to suit everybody and event!

Have Fun Indoors with Matching Family Sleepwear

Let’s kick things off with what inspired this new trend. The matching family pyjama sets. Made popular at Christmas time, families up and down the country donned matching PJs to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. We all saw the pictures posted all over social media of happy, smiling families in their matching sets, so why not carry that fun throughout the year?

Children will love seeing their parents and siblings sporting the same PJs to celebrate a special occasion, whether its a birthday takeaway night or even just a weekend treat. You can spend the evening cuddled up together watching a film and then the next morning baking cookies in your matching family sleepwear sets.

At Camille, we think the best and easiest way to get into the matching PJ spirit with your family is with a classic onesie. This way, not everyone has to be in identical colours or prints for you to get that matching style. Instead, boys and girls can express their own personalities, and parents can also feel a bit more grown-up while still partaking in the fun. Why not explore our wide range of men’s, women’s, and children’s onesies available online now to get the look?

Get Loved Up in Matching Nightwear for Couples 

If you’re thinking matching nightwear is childish, then maybe you just haven’t found the perfect matching sets for you and your partner to get involved in the fun? Matching nightwear can actually be quite elegant and a way for you and your partner to feel closer together. 

Think about Valentine’s Day or perhaps your anniversary, if you and your partner can’t go out to celebrate, why not prepare a romantic three-course meal and enjoy a drink together in matching pyjamas? Set the mood with silk options that will make the evening feel even more sensual and romantic. Plus, imagine the cute insta worthy moment of you and bae cuddled together? 

We have a wide selection of traditional pyjama sets for both men and women that will look cute and cosy paired together. Opt for the same colour and style for a full matching look, or why not choose coordinating pairs that will make you feel like Kings and Queens?

Upgrade Girls Night with Matching PJs

What better way to convince the girls that staying in is better than going out out, than with cocktails, food, and sweet matching sets? Rally the girls together for a bonding night like no other. Whether you want to break out the board games, binge watch your favourite films, or just have fun gossiping together and catching up, do it in style with matching nightwear. 

Plus, when you’re with the girls, you can choose whatever styles that suit your friendship group. Keep it cosy with fluffy two-pieces that make indulging in too much food and drinks easy and comfortable, or why not opt for something luxurious with matching satin PJs

Mix and match satin PJ styles in coordinating colours for a luxe night with your friends. This is perfect for hosting your own pamper nights, cosy hen-parties, and birthdays. Just imagine the guest of honour in a pink satin set with all of her best friends surrounding her in matching red or black silky PJs? The photoshoot fun this will create is endless, so why not get prepared by coming up with some fun and cute poses that you can all do together? Now that you have read through our predictions for this new trend, we hope that you can see why we think matching nightwear is here to stay, and not just for Christmas! Have fun browsing and finding the perfect matching sets for you and your loved ones today, with our wide range available now. Shop nightwear for men, women, and children online at Camille.

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